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REPs Categories

The REPs Categories framework is built on standards developed by the industry for the industry that underpin job roles within the health and fitness sector. They are the entry point for new members coming in as qualified exercise professionals.

As you join the register at Level 2 you can see a career pathway through to Level 4, with additional Level 3 categories should you want to work with these specific populations, and non-levelled categories for other career areas.

All categories are underpinned by qualifications, and your qualification will indicate your level of membership. Any industry experience or continuing professional development (CPD) that you undertake will be at the same level of your qualification, so your qualification acts as a prerequisite to further develop your skills and knowledge. As you move up the register, you will be able to increase the level of training in accordance with the new qualifications you achieve. At the same time, you can have the confidence that new skills learnt at each level are covered by your REPs insurance.