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Joining with Qualifications from Overseas

Subject to the nature of qualifications held and industry experience instructors with overseas qualifications may be considered for acceptance on to the REPs with Provisional membership status.

Please note, due to the complexities of assessing overseas qualifications processing time may take longer than 28 days.

Provisional status is awarded for a maximum period of 12 months. During this period individuals will be required to prove that their skills meet the nationally agreed standards through one of the following options:

Option 1 – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) - Successfully complete the relevant assessments for the category of registration. This may involve theory papers and/or a practical assessments, and/or case studies at an Approved Test Centre. An Approved Test Centre will carry out an interview to establish whether you have the knowledge and skills to pass. If yes, you will be able to go straight to assessment without undertaking further learning. If no, you will be advised to take further learning in order to ensure you have the best chance to pass the assessments.

Option 2 – Complete a qualification through an Approved Training Provider that meets current national guidelines

All options are certificated by an awarding body and individuals will need to decide which option is suitable. Selected training providers will work with candidates to identify if there is any additional training required to ensure they have sufficient knowledge and competence to pass.

Each option will incur costs.

All members of the Register, regardless of which pathway you register through, are required to hold a minimum of £5 Million civil liability insurance. This may be purchased through REPs, or you can provide evidence of an insurance policy you already hold. For details of REPs Insurance please check details of our insurance policy here.

Joining Checklist -

To complete your application you will need:

  • Registration Form
  • Industry CV - giving details of your work in the health and fitness industry
  • Copies of all your industry qualifications
  • Confirmation of Insurance - If you will not be purchasing insurance through REPs, please provide a copy of your own insurance policy, or if you are covered by your employers insurance please provide a signed letter from your employer confirming this.
  • Translation of any documents to English - where needed
  • Payment - Please include a cheque of include your card details on your application form.

Please post your completed application form and all supporting documents to:

Chelsea Close
Off Amberley Road
Leeds LS12 4HP

We aim to process your complete application for registration within 28 days of receipt and we will post out your certificate of registration, membership card and other materials in our welcome pack. Overseas/older qualifications may take longer to be assessed.

Important registration notes:

  • When signing up to the Register, you are agreeing to abide by the REPs Code of Ethics and Conduct and declare that all information provided is correct and true, and that no material facts have been omitted or mis-stated.
  • REPs is under new management from 01 August 2016. Please be aware that all payments will show as being paid to Coachwise on your bank statement.
  • You are not covered on the REPs insurance until your membership has been verified and confirmed by the REPs team.