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Joining with Older Qualifications

REPs recognises that there are a number of practicing fitness professionals who hold older qualifications that may not meet current industry standards.

Subject to qualifications held and industry experience instructors with older qualifications may be accepted on to the Register.

Full status will be considered if relevant continuous professional development within the last 5 years can be demonstrated. This can be demonstrated through evidence of recent relevant courses and workshops, or through a CV with an employer reference,

Applicants unable to demonstrate recent development or employment may be awarded Provisional status. Provisional status is awarded for a maximum period of 12 months and during this period a provisional member will be required to prove that their skills meet the nationally agreed standards through one of the following options:

Option 1 – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) - Successfully complete a theory paper and/or a practical assessment at an Approved Test Centre

Option 2 – Complete a qualification through an Approved Training Provider that meets current national guidelines

All options are certificated by an awarding body and individuals will need to decide which option is suitable. Your selected training provider will work with you to identify if there is any additional training required to ensure you have sufficient knowledge and competence to pass. Each option will incur costs.

Your initial application can be completed online, before you begin the form, please make sure you have the following checklist completed to support your application.

Joining Checklist -

  • Industry CV - giving details of your work in the health and fitness industry. If you are new to the industry you are not required to enclose a CV.
  • Scanned copies of all your industry qualifications, including your Level 2 (pre-requisite) certificates.
  • Payment method - you can now pay for your REPs registration online. 

These must be in a .jpg format for certificates, and .doc files are acceptable for CVs.

Important registration notes:

  • When signing up to the Register, you are agreeing to abide by the REPs Code of Ethics and Conduct and declare that all information provided is correct and true, and that no material facts have been omitted or mis-stated.
  • REPs is under new management from 01 August 2016. Please be aware that all payments will show as being paid to Coachwise on your bank statement.
  • You are not covered on the REPs insurance until your membership has been verified and confirmed by the REPs team.


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If you wish to send a postal application please download a registration form.

If you wish to re-register you can download a re-registration form, re-register online or call 033 0004 0004.