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Joining As A Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor

The following qualification requirements/profile will need to be met for any member to be awarded the status of Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor.

1. Registration status of full Level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor on the Register*. For an explanation click here >

2. 150 hours of relevant professional practice at Level 3 in designing, delivering, monitoring, adapting and tailoring exercise programmes for individuals gained within the previous 2 years and at least 6 months experience since qualification (this should be reflected in the CV and reference letter.)

3. Completion of the online Professional Practice Unit. Details of this are below, it is free to complete**

4. At least one Level 4 REPs recognised qualification

* The only exception to the requirement for Level 3 Exercise Referral is where a member was registered at Level 4 prior to September 2011/where a Level 4 award was achieved prior to September 2011 AND the instructor holds another Level 3 fitness qualification.

** Those who have undertaken a new exercise referral qualification (i.e. one that is listed on the qualifications and credit framework (QCF) that has replaced the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) will not be required to complete this online Professional Practice Unit since it has been embedded into the new exercise referral National Occupational Standards and will form part of new exercise referral qualifications.

Online Professional Practice Unit

To register with REPs as a Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor, you need to complete an online Professional Practise unit. This unit covers professional practice requirements and candidates must answer all questions correctly to be eligible for Level 4. Questions are multiple choice and based on the Professional Practice Paper.

Upon successful completion of the paper you will be shown a confirmation page. Please print this page and include it with your application.

Click here to start the unit >

Joining Checklist -

To complete your application you will need:

  • Registration Form
  • Confirmation of successfully completing the Online Professional Practise Unit. You will be emailed this at the end of the unit
  • Industry CV
  • Photocopies of Qualifications - This should include a copy of the required Exercise Referral qualification, additional unit of qualification at Level 3 and your Level 4 unit of qualification. Please do not send us originals as we are unable to return them
  • Confirmation of Insurance - If you will not be purchasing insurance through REPs, please provide a copy of your own insurance policy, or if you are covered by your employers insurance please provide a signed letter from your employer confirming this
  • Payment - Please include a cheque or include your card details on your application form

Please note: Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructors should refer to the REPs Code of Ethical Conduct with regards to CPR training as it is likely that they will require CPR for working with the client groups of these units.

Please post your completed application form and all supporting documents to:

Chelsea Close
Off Amberley Road
Leeds LS12 4HP

If you wish to re-register you can download a re-registration form, re-register online or call 0330 0004 0004.

We aim to process your complete application for registration within 28 days of receipt and we will post out your certificate of registration, membership card and other materials in our welcome pack. Overseas/older qualifications may take longer to be assessed.