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Up-skilling to adapt your mainstream classes/sessions to include Older Adults, Antenatal/Postnatal and Disabled clients and 14-17 year olds in restricted circumstances – in line with new level 2/3 National Occupational Standards.

The new core standards at level 2/3 now include the knowledge to allow instructors to supervise the occasional exercise participant from these special population groups in their mainstream class or session on a temporary basis. In order to accommodate changes to the new structure in which level 2/3 instructors may, in these restricted circumstances, now work with older adults, antenatal/postnatal and disabled clients and 14 – 17 year olds, REPs has created online learning and tests which existing REPs members may undertake in order to increase their knowledge and come in line with the new level 2/3 standards.

These tests are multiple choice and require all questions to be answered correctly, completion of each test will award 1 CPD point.

Successful completion of these online CPD tests:

  • Does not result in a change of REPs member status on the Register
  • Does not allow REPs members to take classes or sessions specifically for these populations
  • Does allow REPs members to adapt their mainstream class or session to accommodate the occasional one or two from any of these populations providing they are asymptomatic* on a temporary basis

*Asymptomatic is the term used by the ACSM/AHA to denote the absence of any of the specified key symptoms of disease (that are considered to put an individual at risk of an adverse event related to participation-during or following-exercise)

NB if you wish to supervise and instruct sessions/classes specifically for any of these special populations and gain recognition for the additional category on the Register, you would need to complete a nationally recognised qualification in the area e.g. in:

  • Older Adults
  • Antenatal and Postnatal
  • Disability or
  • Physical Activity for Children 

All of the following CPD tests are free of charge and will go towards your annual CPD requirements. Points will be logged by the REPs team following successful completion.

Please select which test you wish to undertake:

Disability Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults
Older Adults Young People (14-17 Year Olds)
Ante/Post Natal

Members - Please note we can only accept a maximum of 4 CPD points a year claimed from our Free Online CPD.