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See what other employers think about using REPs registered instructors.

Aspire Sports and Cultural Trust

The maintenance of high standards and the delivery of a quality product is considered vital component in the successful operation of Aspire Sports & Cultural Trust.

REPS sets a standard and provides a benchmark which is of tremendous assistance when recruiting new health and fitness personnel. Furthermore the CPD system motivates and encourages staff to maintain on-going education throughout their careers thereby ensuring they keep to the forefront of the industry.

Paul Ashworth, Sport and Facilities Development Officer, Argyll and Bute Council

“Argyll and Bute Council leisure Services have been using REPs accredited instructors for the past 10 years. The REPs logo provides our customers with the peace of mind that the service provided meets the highest industry standards. REPs also allows us to map out the occupational standards and code of practice that our instructors must meet in order to continue delivering within our programme. Overall REPs have professionalised the fitness industry increasing standards across the board.”

Berian Allcock, Physical Activity and Health Manager, Carmarthenshire County Council

“REPs has provided our centres with greater credibility and, by aligning our internal structure to National Standards, has enabled us to improve the quality of our class delivery.”

Sarah Leonie, Group Fitness Manager, DC Leisure

“Within DC Leisure, REPs registration is compulsory for Gym & Group Workout instructors, thus ensuring a high quality delivery across the board. DC currently boasts the highest percentage of REPs level 3 fitness staff within our sector. REPs has enabled us to professionalise, track & improve on standards as well as assisting us in setting out clear career progression pathways for our staff. REPs is embedded within DC Leisure’s training structure, so much so that when training is offered to staff, the question is… “How many REPs points it is worth?!”

“DC Leisure is committed to continued work with REPs on present offering and new products and support options in the future.”

Jeannie Wyatt-Williams, National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) Coordinator for Wales

“With the ever increasing qualifications that are available on the REPs structure, we have been able to expand the number and types of medical conditions we are able to accept onto the scheme. We have always tried to be as inclusive as possible but by using the national standards of REPs we can be clear with what conditions we can accept and which ones need specialist services.

“Our partners who refer their patients to us have the confidence and clarity that all of our instructors are REPs registered and meet national standards to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes and classes around the specific medical conditions.

“The structure of REPs is useful internally for our own instructors and also externally for our partners. Our instructors can clearly see how they can develop through both our internal pathway but also help their own development within the industry in general. Using the REPs structure makes it easy for health professionals to understand the qualification levels of our instructors as well providing credibility of using national standards.

“REPs provides clarity of qualifications, so we know what our instructors can, and importantly cannot teach. This makes it easy for our area coordinators to manage their programmes and reduce any risks.

“All of our instructors are at least Level 3 Exercise Referral, and most of them have at least one Level 4 Unit. By using the REPs structure we have a quality risk stratification process for the different medical conditions, so we can place the clients with appropriate instructors. Because a number of authorities have also up-skilled their mainstream instructors to be able to deliver classes for the clients that come through our 16 week plan we have a large number of 'exit routes' that are again underpinned by the REPs structure.”

Matthew Saunders, Contract Fitness Manager, Stevenage Leisure Limited

“Stevenage Leisure has been working with REPs since 2007, when we made it a compulsory requirement that all gym and workout staff employed by the company should be recognised as professionals. This decision was made in line with wider plans to develop standardised policies and procedures, including those to help our staff access training resources. REPs has helped us with this process, providing a useful website and accredited training portal through which staff are able to access training courses, providers and opportunities within our industry.”

Shelley Dell, Fitness Manager, Herts Sports Village

“I am a passionate believer that our industry has the potential to be amazing, to deliver professional and expert service to a diverse demographic of members, current and prospective. In order to demonstrate professionalism, there has to be a measurement and commitment to ongoing training and education for the team I recruit and ultimately motivate to be consistent and passionate in their service delivery. REPs allows me to do this.”

Suffolk Sport

“Suffolk Sport tries to use REPS registered instructors for delivering physical activity and fitness classes for our Fit Villages projects. It is essential for us to ensure that any instructors we use are suitably qualified, and REPS helps us do this.”

Steve Nash, Head of eCommerce at the Open Study College

"REPs membership has always been something that our fitness students are very interested in.  REPs is a widely recognised mark of quality and professionalism and we are delighted to be working with them."