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What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

CPD is a way for exercise professionals to demonstrate that they continue to learn and develop throughout their careers, to keep their skills and knowledge up to date and are able to work safely, legally and effectively.

CPD Requirement

As a REPs member, you are required to achieve 24 CPD points every two years. Up to 8 CPD points can be rolled forwards into the next two year period if more than 24 CPD points are achieved.

Achieving CPD points

When you first register with REPs you are awarded 20 CPD points per entry qualification. In most cases, members are not required to achieve any additional CPD points in their first year of registration as they will have achieved the required amount for the year.

There is a huge variety of CPD training available. You can search for all recognised courses on the Training Portal. CPD point allocation will range between 1 and 20 points depending on the training.

Online CPD training is available on the website and free of charge. This includes upskilling modules for special populations (these meet the new standards covered in current qualifications). There are also technical articles from the REPs journals. Once you have completed it the points are automatically logged (please allow time for this to occur).

Logging CPD

Any entry qualifications (listed on the framework) will gain you 20 CPD points. To register these on your REPs account you will have to send us a copy of the certificate. We will award you the category and the CPD points.

Any endorsed CPD training can be logged in the REPs Members Area. The CPD points are awarded once you have logged the training. You are not required to send a copy of your certificate.

Any unendorsed CPD training can be logged as 'Other courses’ and will award you a maximum of 4 CPD points