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  1. Why messaging around perfect body image has to change

    Phill Wright is a health and fitness educator, coach and mentor who sits on the expert panel for REPs.

    He has written a passionate plea to gyms and fitness professionals, calling for a radical change in what he deems is the pervasive practice of promoting unrealistic body ideals, and for those working in the sector to consider the potential physical, psychological and emotional repercussions of pushing clients towards achieving the ‘body beautiful’.

    The sentiments expressed are Phill’s own. REPs appreciates this is an emotive topic and that everyone will have their own distinct views, covering a wide spectrum of opinion.

    Do you agree with Phill’s thought-provoking blog – that there is too much focus on quick wins, which can lead to clients’ vulnerabilities being exploited

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  2. Shout-out to the Dance Fitness boom

    It’s a fact that “Dance Fitness” or “Dance-Based Fitness” group exercise classes are more popular than ever.

    Health clubs, leisure groups and dance schools are adding these alternative classes to their timetables due to popular demand.

    Dance-based fitness classes bring the world of fitness and dance together and capture a market of clientele who recognize the importance of both mental and physical health benefits.

    Attending a regular group exercise Dance Fitness class builds strength, increases stamina, reduces stress, improves co-ordination and confidence, provides social interaction, develops flexibility and boosts weight loss.

    So whether it’s the fun social interaction, exercising without knowing you are exercising or the stimulation and feeling of achievement of learning a dance skill that you’ve always wanted to do or used to enjoy as a ch

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  3. It’s Elementary, Coaching is the Secret to Physical and Mental Well-being

    We massively undervalue coaches in this country. They take on many guises and go by many names but, whatever the moniker, a good coach will have a meaningful and measurable impact on people’s lives. Coaching is a catalyst for positive change; the magic ingredient on a journey towards personal success and fulfilment. Yet coaches do not get the public acclaim or attention they deserve.

    Which is why REPs leapt at the opportunity to become an official partner of Coaching Week, joining forces with UK Coaching to shine a spotlight on coaching’s instrumental role in helping to create the conditions for individuals, groups and communities to thrive.

    In the health and fitness industry, every bit as much as the sport sector, coaching is an essential element. Carbon may be the building-block of life, but coaching is the cement th

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  4. Why the Level 4 Award in Mental Health is the WRIGHT choice for REPs instructors

    As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, REPs wanted to shine the spotlight on the Level 4 Industry Awards that we recognise, and that is endorsed by our independent endorsement provider PD:Approval.

    We want to highlight:

    • the important work of the training providers who deliver them
    • and the importance of providing REPs instructors with the tools to support their clients who might have, or who are, experiencing mental health issues.

    WRIGHT Foundation Training Division Director Lorraine Nicholson explained to us what to expect from attending the endorsed Level 4 Award in Mental Health and the impact that it is having for those instructors who have successfully completed it.

    We asked Lorraine:

    How long have you been endorsed to deliver the Level 4 Award in Mental Health? 

    “WRIGHT Foundation

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  5. Beth Tweddle's mission to inspire 30,000 children in 2019

    Beth Tweddle MBE is Britain’s most successful female gymnast, and she is on a mission this year to create opportunities for every child to get involved in gymnastics.

    Since founding her gymnastics programme with fellow Olympian Steve Parry back in 2010 – which started with 20 children in a school hall in Speke, Liverpool – Beth has been relentless in her efforts to inspire a new generation of gymnasts.

    Fast forward to 2019 and Beth Tweddle Gymnastics, which is partnered with British Gymnastics, consists of Beth Tweddle Gym Stars and Beth Tweddle Academy programmes, teaching classes to over 3,300 children (from two years upwards) weekly across Merseyside, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

    Beth and her team are also taking gymnastics into primary schools through Beth Tweddle

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  6. REPs backing Clean Sport Week

    The Register of Exercise Professionals is supporting UK Anti-Doping’s third Clean Sport Week, which launched on Monday.

    This year’s campaign, which will again have the support of a range of National Governing Bodies (NGBs), sports organisations and UK sports stars, will celebrate clean athletes and their success, and promote the work of the anti-doping community in the fight for clean sport.

    The campaign will also have a strong focus on Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs (IPEDs), and particularly the attitudes towards, and motivations for use of, IPEDs in the gym environment. New research is set to be revealed during the week to encourage a wider public debate on the issue.

    A number of events will take place between 20-26 May to help raise awareness of clean sport and anti-doping programmes led by UKAD, NGBs and sporting b

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  7. Core stability – what is it and why is it important?

    There are many definitions of core stability. Core Stabilisation (CS) has been described as the ability to maintain spinal and pelvic alignment using trunk and hip muscle endurance and strength (Yu & Lee, 2012: Wilson et al, 2005). It has also been described as an action whereby muscles stabilise the spine statically or dynamically while other muscles carry out a movement involving other joints (Siff, 2004).

    In simple terms, core stability is the process of holding the shoulder and pelvic girdles (that is, the centre part, or core of the body) stable in order to support the movement forces from the arms and legs, which in turn will also increase the ability to balance.

    To do this, the muscles that are responsible for the stabilising role must function correctly in order that the muscles responsible for movement are able to perform their f

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  8. NCFE qualifications REPs ready

    NCFE logo

    National awarding organisation, NCFE, has redeveloped its Level 2 Gym Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications to meet the UK’s fitness industry standards, which have now been approved by PD:Approval – the independent quality assurance organisation providing endorsement services for the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

    These qualifications will allow more of NCFE’s learners to access the UK’s largest register of fitness professionals and gain international recognition through the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs):

    New Qualifications

    NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing 603/3931/7

    NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training 603/3491/5

    NCFE has also released new qualifications that can be added by members as continuing profess

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  9. The Tremendous Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Survivors

    Latest research shows that if you are born after 1960, your lifetime risk of being diagnosed with cancer is now 1 in 2. There are over 360,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year – that's nearly 1000 every day (CRUK).

    On a more positive note, new effective cancer detection methods and sophisticated treatments have resulted in cancer survival rates doubling in the last 40 years. Currently, over 50% of people diagnosed with cancer will survive for more than 10 years and the prognosis increases to 80% survival rate with cancers such as breast, prostate, testicular, melanoma and Hodgkin lymphoma.

    Unfortunately, with some cancers – such as stomach, brain, oesophageal, lung and pancreatic cancers, which are difficult to diagnose and/or treat – the 10-year survival rate is less than 20%.

    The importance of exercise

    Over four million p

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  10. How to Hire Quality Coaches and Expand Your Fitness Services

    Whatever stage your business is in, you should always be on the lookout for growth opportunities.

    Whether it is searching for the required skills and qualifications when expanding your team or looking into diversifying your current services offering – this webinar will offer a starting point.

    It features REPs Business Development Manager John Byers, who delivered advice to MINDBODY customers which included thought-provoking ideas on the following topics:

    • Skills, qualifications and personality – what to look for when recruiting
    • Opening new doors – spreading your education and training methods
    • Thinking out of the cube – online and international opportunities

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