It’s that time of year when many people are receiving their exam results and perhaps wondering what career is right for them. So in order to give a little insight in to the life of an exercise professional we thought we’d ask our members and our Head of Compliance and Standards Rob Wilkie to finish this statement “You know you’re an exercise professional when...”.

We received over 30 comments when we asked the question on our Facebook page, here are just a few of our favourite answers from our members:

  1. “…when you don’t think twice about getting up at 5am five mornings a week to start training keen and enthusiastic clients at 6am” Terri Donoghue
  2. “…when you have enough integrity to recognise you are not qualified to work with a clients and refer them to the right person. Don’t mess around with people’s health.” Julian Charria
  3. “…when the most common question you get asked at dinner parties is “how can I get rid of my belly fat?”” Irm Saleem
  4. “…when you go to your wardrobe to get all dressed up… and you realise it’s 99.9% gym stuff.” Charlotte Blake
  5. “…when your client’s achievements are a greater source of pride than your own achievements.” Glen Williams
  6. “…when you listen to someone and go out of your way to be there 100% to support them. “ Charlotte Hayers

Here are Rob’s top answers:

  1. “…when you stop jumping from one fad to another, and stick with the evidence based methods.”
  2. “…when you don’t judge a colleague by what they look like; you judge them by how well they treat their clients.”
  3. “…when you run your affairs in a business-like manner by keeping accounts and paying your taxes.”
  4. “…when you don’t stand there and count reps.  If it was that easy, my four year old nephew would be the world’s best PT.  Instead we give positive and constructive feedback.”

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