Dance fitness classes are more popular than ever, with thousands of people choosing dancing as their way of keeping fit. Dance fitness crazes come and go but the best thing about them is they welcome all levels – so whether you’re a trained dancer or a complete beginner, a dance fitness class is a fun way to work out. has released its top seven dance workouts.

Without a doubt, the top dance inspired workout class, which is now world famous, is Zumba. The cardio workout with an element of toning fuses many different styles of dance, mainly South American, including salsa, cumbia, merengue, hip hop and reggaeton. It is one of the most popular dance workouts worldwide with an array of merchandise including clothing, DVDs and video games.

One dance style which you probably wouldn’t expect to take off as a dance based workout is ballet. Ballet barre classes, which focus on repetitive toning exercises using a barre and light weights, are coming to the UK after being successful in the US and Australia. Some classes also have elements of yoga and pilates to increase flexibility.

Next on the list of dance inspired workouts was one of the first to get us moving – Jazzercise. Founded in 1969, the classes use a mix of music and dance styles mixing jazz, hip hop and even kickboxing moves to ensure the dance party burns 800 calories an hour.

Belly dance fitness classes take the number four spot, which are growing in momentum and even claim studio space in some of the UK’s biggest chain gyms such as Fitness First. Pole fitness is also a very popular workout which people are starting to take more seriously. Combining gymnastics, acrobatics and pole dancing, pole fitness strengthens and tones the entire body while also improving flexibility and coordination.

At number six, Masala Bhangra offers a combination of low impact exercises mixed with Bollywood dance moves. Finally at number seven it’s the latest cardio workout – twerking. This infamous booty move is now at the centre of a new 'twerkout' but the experts predict this one might be a passing phase.

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