We are very pleased to announce that we have selected Timely as the recommended business software supplier for our members. This software provides fitness businesses with a range of features that will directly improve the way you operate.

Timely is appointment scheduling software that launched to a global audience in 2012, and has since developed a strong customer base within the fitness industry.

Being cloud-based, Timely is affordable for the sole business owner and offers a range of features. With an initial 30 day free trial available, it is possible to try before you buy and have a good look around the system to make sure it suits you and your business. Plans start at only £15 a month for an individual and an additional £5 for every extra employee (or you may wish to consider the £60 offer that covers an unlimited number of staff). If you are currently using pen and paper, you will make that money back in one day in saved admin time

As a REPs member, we are able to offer you 20% off for the first 12 months, as well as 200 SMS credits to help you get started. Coupled with unlimited support and the 30 day free trial, this software will prove a valuable addition to your business. This offer can be accessed from the REPs Members Area.

How many hours a week do you spend ringing up or texting clients to arrange session times? The features available in Timely mean that you won’t need to do this anymore, saving you time, allowing you to spend more time running classes or sessions, growing your business and doing what you love.

If you’re more interested in the specific features, here is a breakdown:

Beautiful design and very easy to use

While not necessarily a feature, we had to mention this one. Timely is just really nice to look at and intuitive, which means that it is very easy to use. Jacob Moller-Anderson of MaX-Fit in County Durham looked at a range of appointment scheduling options, but couldn’t go past Timely because it was so easy to use.

Wherever you go, Timely can go too

The real beauty of Timely for personal trainers is that it can work anywhere. If you use an iPad with your clients, you can also use it to book them in for their next session. You can use it on your smartphone or on your desktop at home.

Another bonus of this cloud software is that if you lose or break one of your devices, all you need to do is log on with another device, and all of your information is there waiting for you.


SMS and email reminders

Get rid of no-shows from your personal training business! Timely offers the ability to send SMS reminders out to your clients, at a given time frame before their session that you can select. The SMS credits are additional but you get 200 free SMS to get you started if you register using your REPs membership. Additionally you can set up email reminders to your client, which is free.

Free mini-website

We know it’s hard to establish a presence online, let alone get a really nice website done at a reasonable price. Timely makes that easy with its free mini-website which is available on every account. You can customise the information about your business and your staff, showcase all of your services and your opening hours. It all just flows through from your settings within the app. A great way to get online without costing you a penny.


Online booking

Timely allows you to set up online booking for your clients. There are a couple of different options here. You can use the free Timely mini-website, you can add the ‘Book Now’ button to your existing website, or you can install an app onto your business Facebook page.

This is very easy to set up and simple to use from a clients perspective. In fact, your clients will love it! Benson James set up online booking at his PT business, and his clients love how they go online and book all of their sessions in advance. It also gives his business a more professional look.

You still have full control with online booking as clients can only book times that you have set as available in your calendar. Once they have made the appointment, you will be notified and you then confirm the appointment yourself.


Have you ever wondered who your best clients are by customer spend, over a period of time? You don’t need to spend hours figuring this out, or just putting it in the too hard basket. With Timely’s robust reporting system, you can pull out a large amount of business data at the click of a button. This is vital if you want to be continually improving your business.


Timely knows that many fitness professionals also run classes, so they have integrated this into the software. You set up the class in your calendar, and then your clients can book themselves in via online booking. They can also get reminders about the class, as extra motivation you could say!

Integration with other business tools

Timely integrates with other cloud software tools for business such as Xero and Mailchimp. Together these offer a full business solution for your business. You can raise invoices in Timely which then flow directly into Xero for your reconciliation to take place.

A successful small business knows how important it is to stay in touch with their client base, and this is easily done with the integration with email marketing solution Mailchimp. This is free up to 12,000 emails sent.

Customer support

Timely’s customer support is world class. With their own UK office, there is regionalised support available here in the UK. You get to deal with a real person who you’ll hear from in a (cough) Timely fashion.

It’s a no brainer really - it’s affordable and recommended by REPs. Simply visit the Members Area to get started on your free 30 day trial.