The REPs National Convention blog series continue. Following on from the announcement of Paralympian Anna Turney delivering the keynote on day two and the contribution of Belrobics, we now are treated to Paul Russell from THE FIT BOX, who shares his thoughts with REPs.

So anyway, it turns out that the fitness industry is a round hole. And it’s a really exiting round hole, made up of really cool things, and full of really fun people, wearing really tight shorts.

The good thing about it being a round hole, is that those of us that choose to work in the fitness industry, just so happen to be round pegs. This is ace, because essentially it means we are the perfect fit.

Round hole, round peg. Boom.

But maybe the thing about it being a round hole that isn’t quite as good, is that pretty much all of the people who haven’t chosen to work in it, but wish to benefit from those of us who have chosen to work in it, are not round pegs.

They are square pegs.

This means getting them in is harder.

But we, the round pegs, are not the type to give up easily.

So we grab hold of these square pegs and with all our energy and might we push, and we pump, and we jiggle and we wiggle and cajole and coax, wheedle, jostle, flatter, tickle, thrust & shove, and if you think we’re getting tired you’re not even close, because then (next Tuesday at 18:00) we’ll start the whole process again.

And that’s cool, because we are highly motivated and conditioned individuals. We can repeat this process time and time again and still have enough in the tank to break out a PB in the weights room at lunch.

But also this might not be cool, because actually the square pegs may not enjoy this process as much as we do. I know, right?

Maybe when someone is yet to experience the joy of having the right peg for the right hole, the motivation to keep trying after what seems like endless failure, is pretty tough to find.

So what if we stopped pushing, and instead used our skills, strength & energy to help the square pegs cultivate and establish a new shape. In fact, what with them being entirely different pegs to us all together, what if we tried to find them their own different holes too, rather than the ones that so perfectly fit us so well.

Maybe that would work.

**A thesaurus may have been used in the development of one of these paragraphs.

THE FIT BOX will be presenting at the REPs Convention this October at Leisure Industry Week. Get your tickets here.

Paul is a highly motivated & experienced Industry Tutor, Personal Trainer and Small Group Training Specialist.

In 2009 Paul conceived the idea of a Small Group & Personal Training Club, so as to serve more people, while increasing time efficiency, training accessibility & revenue. The club offers a premium training experience, established on high quality teaching, member adherence and attainment of results.

The clubs success is built on member driven programming and education. Training content and format is developed to meet the needs and wants its users, while promoting strong values, philosophies & principles that support community and inclusion.

Paul has been involved in writing and delivering fitness education since 2006, and has used the skills and experience developed during this time, combined with that gained through daily teaching at the club, to create THE FIT BOX Professional Training Academy.

The Academy’s programme of education & training has been set up to reflect the ever changing landscape of both the fitness industry, and the way people live their lives. 

Paul’s drive to teach comes from his strong belief that this job is a team game, and for maximal impact, we all have to be on it.