Speedflex, the unique, HIIT circuit based training concept has recently revealed new data demonstrating the effectiveness of Speedflex training for fat loss, gaining lean muscle and improved health and wellbeing.

Collecting the pre and post health assessment data of 200 customers who had completed at least two Speedflex sessions per week over a six to eight week period from across five Speedflex centres in the UK, the study saw significant improvements in body fat percentage, visceral fat levels and muscle mass. The main findings include a substantial percentage increase of muscle mass in 76% of participants, a decrease in body fat percentage in 96% of those analysed and an improvement in visceral fat area in 97% of those who took part.

There was an average decrease in visceral fat of 11.8 cm2 which equates to a 12% loss of starting visceral fat area. There was also an average weight loss of 2.1kg and an average increase in muscle mass of 0.7kg. Absolute body fat was also significantly reduced by an average of 3.1kg, which equates to a 13% loss of starting absolute body fat.

Tapping into the growing trend of HIIT training and group exercise, Speedflex offers individuals an effective alternative to conventional exercise with excellent results. With an emphasis on motivational group exercise, each 45 minute circuit based session is led by an experienced personal trainer and combines a low impact, high intensity, cardiovascular and resistance workout for optimum calorie burn.

Users can also benefit from a health assessment and support programme developed by Speedflex Physiologists to ensure that they get the most out of their training and reach their goals. The comprehensive health assessment includes a body composition analysis, a breakdown of blood chemistry and tests aerobic fitness levels which can give users a baseline for development.

For further information on Speedflex, visit www.speedflex.com