Slo-mo running helps to burn fat

New research from TomTom reveals that nearly 40% of Brits believe High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will see fast fat burn results, but less than 20% actually know that slow and steady running can be just as effective.

Weight loss is the reason that 60% of the nation starts a new training regime and more than one in 10 (13%) plans to pull on their trainers and head out for a run to lose the pounds. With 69% of Brits considering themselves overweight, a quarter are seeing the summer months as a reason to adopt a new fitness routine, with 20% adding that a forthcoming holiday is enough motivation to get exercising. Almost a fifth said that using a heart rate monitor to analyse their training had helped them lose weight.

Notably nearly a fifth (18%) of those who had used a heart rate monitor to train stated that it had helped them lose weight. 57% also believed it had helped them to understand how their body responds to exercise and 29% felt it helped hone their technique and achieve their goals.

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