With news that takeaway joints are reaching their highest levels in over two decades, the team at MotivatePT has created an infographic designed to highlight the areas of the UK worst affected by the fast food fandom.

Due to the current high obesity rates in the UK, this news is closely linked to the known risks of type 2 diabetes, with much being blamed on the need to get food as quickly and conveniently as possible. In the past 18 years, the volume of establishments per 10,000 has soared to 3.8, as well as a 45% increase in the number of takeaway restaurants in the same time period.

The infographic illustrates cities such Edinburgh, Bury and Leicester, explaining the amount of fast food outlets and giving stark statistics from across the country, with the highest coming in at 198.6 takeaways in the Blackpool area alone. Amazingly, a poll also revealed that 14% of 16-24 year olds claimed that they ate no fruit or vegetables at all, spending an average of £63.65 on food per week despite earning less any other category.

According to the research, more than three million individuals prefer to organise a takeaway meal rather than cook from scratch, and more astonishingly, 74% of men and 64% of women are predicted to be overweight by 2030. Using the infographic as a pinpoint to delve further into the crisis, is it any wonder the name ‘fast food nation’ is being thrown around?

You can view the infographic here: