REPs convention

Taking place at London’s Excel Centre (18th & 19th July), yesterday was the first day of our South East Convention and certainly kicked off with a bang!

Firstly we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has attended today, we really hope you enjoyed your day and look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming weeks.

The day started with a welcoming introduction from our Compliance and Standards Manager Robert Wilkie who updated with members with the latest new from REPs.

REPs members then had a choice of 10 fantastic lectures and workshops to attend throughout the day including our Key note speech, this year we teamed up with Nutracheck’s nutrition experts, Dr Ian Campbell and Dr Janet Aylott, who delivered today’s keynote address.

The session sparked great debate as our experts debunked six of the most commonly-held nutrition misbeliefs that have gained traction in recent years. They explained the science behind weight and obesity in relation to:  fat, sugar, calories, carbohydrates, snacking, the 6pm food curfew and the concept of a ‘diet’.

The keynote address evaluated the claims and the scientific evidence behind these statements and highlighted which aspects have been sensationalised yet given credence by the media and other professionals within the health and fitness industry.

The interactive session addressed topics such as:

•             Do carbs contribute to weight gain?
•             Does too much sugar in your diet give you diabetes?
•             Is a calorie just a calorie, regardless of what you eat?
•             Should you stop eating at 6pm to prevent weight gain?
•             Does snacking make you fat?

Greg Small, Head of Membership for the Register of Exercise Professionals said: “We are thrilled to have teamed up with Nutracheck this year and been able to provide our members with additional nutritional knowledge. Increasingly clients expect that their trainers have a high level of nutritional understanding; a healthy lifestyle should be viewed from a holistic perspective whereby nutrition and exercise are intrinsically linked. We hope that the session has empowered our members to challenge their clients’ misconceptions about nutrition.”

Other sessions that ran throughout the day included our Business Clinic, which  saw a host of experts from chartered accountancy firm Barnes & Co, event specialists Eventbite, our insurance providers Perkins Slade and Timely, give out their business advice. This was the perfect opportunity for our members to discover how to make the most out of their business and certainly enjoyed by all who attended. Topics included ‘How to attract more clients using social media’, ‘How to organise your business diary to drive profits’ and ‘How to run a successful fitness event’. The floor was then opened up to members, who were then able to ask our panellists their expert advice. The day was then rounded off with a highly active session from Fatburn Exteme, a new concept in instructor led fitness training and fat lossexercising. The first of its kind, it is a fixed, 20 minute, maximal intensity, rest basedworkout. Using only body weight for resistance it is conducted through pre-designed workouts and PPL free voiceover tracks. By attending the session our members can safely deliver the training concept one-to-one, in small groups or larger class environments.

We also spoke with REPs member Emma Pearson on why she decided to attend today:

"I wanted to come along to the Convention as I was really interested in hearing from Dr.Ian Campbell. I also live locally and as a part-time instructor I thought this was the perfect opportunity to gain my CPD points".

To see and follow all the action  from the REPs South East Convention check out our twitter page @REPsUK or search for hastag #SEConvention