Having officially launched the new Members Area at the beginning of the month, we've had some great feedback. We are glad to hear that it’s becoming a useful resource for you. However, in order for you to get the most out of it we thought we’d put together a little guide on how to use it.

What is available to me?

On the new Members Areas you will be able to add your Qualifications and CPD (which we will go into details further on this blog), you will be able to find the latest high street offers on the new Members Area which can be found on the same page the Qualifications and CPD icon. You’ll also be able to renew your membership and download any necessary resources such as your insurance and registration certificates all from this central page.


On the central homepage you will also find an icon that shows your current CPD points, as seen above.

You will have received an email from us prior to the launch of the new site stating that “You do not need to do anything in terms of transferring your details and CPD points” The new Members Area currently displays the most recent CPD added and the number of points allocated to your current membership period (i.e. 2014-2015). We are continuing to develop this function of the site and we will keep you informed of any updates to the Members Area.

How do I access the new Members Area?

Step 1) Visit www.exerciseregister.org

Step 2) Select My Membership -> Manage my membership -> My profile

Step 3) You will need the following in order to login

  1. Your REPs number
  2. Your Password (which is provided in your welcome email)

Step 4) Click on the REPs logo – this will take you through the Members Area

Once you have logged you will see our newsfeed on your homepage keeping you updated with what’s happening on our social media channels, providing you with all the latest industry news.

How to add Qualifications and log CPD:

The new Members Area will allow you to add your qualifications. Here is our step-by-step guide in how to add your qualifications:

Step 1) Just as you would to log in please follow the same steps. Once logged in please select the ‘+Qualifications and CPD’ icon.


Step 2) Please select Qualifications that will appear in the drop down box

Step 3)You will then be able to add your qualifications by searching ‘Qualification Name’, ‘Awarding Organisation’, ‘Level’ and ‘Training Provider’ as seen below.

Please note all of these areas with a red asterix will need to be completed in order to submit your qualification.

How to log CPD:

The new Members Area will also allow your track and log your CPD at ease, here is our step-by-step guide in how to add you CPD points:

Step 1) Just as you would to log in please follow the same steps. Once logged in please select the ‘+Qualifications and CPDs’ icon.

Step 2) Please select ‘CPD ‘that will appear in the drop down box.

Step 3) You will then be able to select your CPD from the list provided as seen below.

If your training provider is not listed then please select ‘Other’ and enter the details of your CPD manually.

How to edit your Public Profile:

On the left hand side of the Members Area you will see a pink tab that says ‘Edit Public Profile’. This is what the public will be able to on the Members Directory. You can edit your profile as much as you like, showcasing your skills by adding in any new CPD or qualifications that you hold that you think potential clients may benefit from.

Why take 5 minutes and enjoy the delights of your new Members Area?