Recently endorsed by SkillsActive, we decided to a little bit of digging to find out more about the ever so popular Burlexercise!

Founders of Burlexercise Sarah-Lou and Katie told us about their story.

“We founded Burlexercise, our Burlesque inspired fitness class, in May last year. The aim was to create a fun and exciting workout that really gets results. Working as professional Burlesque dancers we decided to combine Burlesque with our fitness backgrounds - The Ultimate Showgirl Workout was born!”

Burlexercise is designed specifically for an all over body workout, burning calories in the cardio section, toning and tightening during the resistance part, all whilst incorporating fabulous showgirl moves. The great music, fun atmosphere and showgirl sassiness means you get a class that is energizing and entertaining as well as a good workout,

Telling us a little bit more about their journey Katie said to us:

“We were having so many requests for classes around the UK that we decided to endorse our instructor training course through REPS, so we could find fantastic instructors to teach Burlexercise across the country. We held our first training day in London at the start of this month and had a great day introducing ten instructors to Burlexercise.”

The day involved learning about the history of Burlesque and some of the classic Burlesque moves, to see where the inspiration for the class came from. The classes start with a Burlexercise masterclass, moving on to teaching the technique of incorporating this style of dance into cardio. This included Burlesque dance moves such as the 'wiggle' and the 'shimmy', and showgirl genres such as the Charleston and even a bit of the Cancan! They’ve also added weight training into the classes and teach instructors a segment on how to use their own weighted boas.

We went on to ask Sarah-Lou how the classes have been received,

“We had brilliant feedback from our new instructors; they loved the content of the course and they’d left the day feeling inspired! They are now looking forward to setting up their own Burlexercise classes in the very near future!

She added:

“We are really excited about our next training day on 1st March in Birmingham. If you are a fun fabulous fitness instructor and would like to be one of the first to teach Burlexercise, whilst earning yourself 10 CPD points, we would love to hear from you!”.

Next Burlexercise Training days coming up - Sunday March 1st, Birmingham & Sunday April 12th Manchester.  Book with a friend and save £20 each! Visit www.burlexercise.co.uk to find out more.