PTs gather to learn at UK’s first Meeting of the Minds

‘Don’t stop learning’. That was the verdict from some of the industry’s top Personal Trainers and thought leaders at this year’s Meeting of the Minds, hosted by FitPro and Lifetime Training, who almost unanimously voted on the importance of ongoing education and training beyond becoming a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

The day-long educational event - Movement, Mindset and Metabolism - was the UK’s first Meeting of the Minds (MOTM), which originated more than seven years ago in Colorado under FitPro’s PTontheNet, and saw around 160 leading industry professionals receive exclusive invites to attend ExCel in London and learn from world-renowned speakers and authors.

Presenters included Rodney Corn, Annette Lang and Anatomy Trains author Thomas Myers, as well as industry innovators such as Bobby Cappuccio, who explained that ‘all successful fitness trends are community driven’ and Douglas Heel, who believes ‘if a client isn't ready to do the work it's not your job to fix them’.

Brian St Pierre advised the audience to ‘only make nutrition as complicated as it needs to be, not as complicated as it can be’, whilst Ian O’Dwyer controversially claimed our industry is lacking direction and leadership, and Anthony Carey posed the question: if tissue heals why does pain remain? and explained it's bio-psycho-social - not all in the mind or all in the body.

On registration, attendees filled in a questionnaire and, throughout the event, took part in an interactive wall survey giving their opinion on sector specific issues, such as ‘how is technology changing the way you work with clients?’, ‘do you believe the health and fitness industry is evolving at a fast enough pace?’ and ‘what would be your top tip to becoming a successful PT?’. Not surprisingly, the registration questionnaire also showed there was an overwhelming importance placed on the client and client relationships, with attendees citing the most important factor to being a successful PT as listening, communicating and interpersonal skills (36%), while deciding another top tip to being a successful PT was all about building and maintaining good client relationships (35%).

Brent Hallo, FitPro’s Founder and Chairman said: 'The event was an altruistic effort to gather top industry experts together to deliver cutting-edge information in a TED Talk format to selected individuals who represent the pinnacle of practical leadership in the region in a bid to further enhance their knowledge and training base.'