Leading fitness equipment supplier and manufacturer Precor has unveiled the Precor Coaching Centre, to help guide and educate both customers and fitness professionals.

The new destination area offers a wealth of web-based information and tips to help fitness professionals and exercisers optimise their workouts, and ensure operators get the most value out of their equipment. This regularly updated content is available online at

The Precor Coaching Centre features three main sections, targeted at fitness professionals, operators and exercisers. For fitpros,the online centre explains how PTs can use Precor equipment in new ways to help clients stay engaged while having fun. Content includes a series of three minute trainer tip videos on core training, High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and AMT coaching, along with downloadable workout templates and coaching guides.

For operators, the content is all about providing educational resources for staff. This includes a dedicated Fitness Professionals Area, Precor Education Onboarding Checklist (a guide to key educational resources available on each product) and Precor Product Tutorials. There’s also resources that operators can use as blogs on their own websites, covering everything from trend-based workouts, nutrition and sleep recommendations, to Precor product tutorials for members.

Exercisers can also gain from the new coaching centre as Precor-recommended workouts in both video and PDF format deliver fresh perspectives and training tips that help exercisers stay engaged. Frequently updated featured workouts provide a results-oriented variety of plans. This section also features ‘Get to know our equipment’ tutorials which show how to use each machine correctly, and inform which muscles are being trained.

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