With tens of thousands of personal trainers now in the UK, taking the time to carefully market your services is crucial in order to be successful in such a competitive market.

Read our tips to help you plan out an effective marketing strategy so that you can take the steps needed in order to build and improve your business.

Reverse engineer your goals

Reverse engineering involves working backwards from a clearly defined goal in order to figure out the activity that needs to be carried out to reach the objective.

For many personal trainers, their marketing goals tend to centre on growing their customer base. When determining your exact goals, ask yourself questions such as:

-          How many new customers do I want to win in the next six months?

-          Who is my target audience?

-          Do I want my new clients to fit a certain demographic?

-          How am I going to reach my new customers?

When you set your business objectives, consider your current workload. While you may want to focus on winning new business, you need to make sure that you will be capable of providing the highest level of service to existing customers and to any new clients you win.

Marketing methods

Once you have determined the goals you wish to achieve, it is time to figure out the marketing techniques to use in order to reach your objectives.

In the digital age, the introduction of online marketing and social media has transformed the way businesses can interact and engage with their audience. Meanwhile, promoting services through business cards, flyers and posters remains effective, and can be a great way to gain local clients.

Planning an integrated marketing strategy that utilises the right styles of promotion can help you achieve the greatest possible results. When putting your plan together, take the time to consider the following marketing techniques:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)

Optimising your website so that it is search engine friendly and easy to locate is crucial in the competitive fitness industry. SEO can be complicated, but by making sure your website is optimised for the phrases you want your website to rank for is a great starting point.

  • PPC (pay per click marketing)

Google Adwords is the most popular and successful PPC marketing platform in the UK, which enables companies to market their business through adverts that appear above the organic results on Google.

  • Social media marketing

With over 2 billion users on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, marketing your business through such websites can bring tremendous rewards. Using the platforms to exhibit your services and engage with your customers is essential to keep up with the competition.

  • Referral incentives

Offering your existing customers incentives for referring their friends and family can be a great way to earn new business, particularly in the fitness industry. Cash rewards, free sessions or vouchers are popular ways to entice people to encourage their friends to sign up. 

  • Flyers and posters

Marketing your services through posters and flyers can still be an effective and profitable marketing technique, despite the introduction of modern techniques. Creating eye-catching artwork and positioning it in places that your target audience are likely to visit can still bring in new business.

  • Media advertising

Advertising through radio, television and printed publications can be expensive but providing that you carefully select the most relevant places to advertise, can generate great return on investment.

  • Email marketing

Collecting email addresses over time through different marketing techniques can set you at an advantage to market to your subscribers through sending out newsletters and exclusive offers to entice new customers.

The strategy that you do put together, and the techniques you do carry out, should help you to reach the overall objectives and goals that you want to achieve in order to grow your business.

The importance of time management

While it is great to shout about your business to potential new customers, you also need to make sure that the quality of your service remains consistent.

By managing your time effectively so that you can give existing clients the attention they deserve, while also being able to grow your business in the competitive marketplace, you can be well on your way to taking your personal training business to the next level.

Author bio:

Membr is a fitness platform that enables personal trainers to connect with their clients. The software has an easy-to-use interface and includes features such as online exercise plans, health statistics and online booking to help deliver the best level of service to your clients.