The Perfect Gym provides Personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs with the opportunity to open their own facility for a fraction of the upfront cost.  Perfect Gym is offering 20 Licences to open a gym under the Perfect Gym brand.  Licensees will be able to access over £80k of set up materials including fitness equipment, IT systems and sales and marketing resources.

Perfect Gym will work with the licensee to create their perfect gymat a venue of their choosing.  Essential IT systems including a front of house membership system and direct debit collection software will be installed. The space will then be kitted out with all the fitness equipment for no upfront fee. CV and strength equipment as well as free weights and indoor cycles are included in the package.  All equipment comes in excellent condition from Pulse resale with a full service history.  For added piece of mind the licence includes a maintenance contract for all the equipment.

Perfect Gym will also provide a central website with a personalised online brochure as well online joining and session booking capabilities. All Perfect Gym facilities benefit from a strong visual identity and ready to go artwork for signage and sales and marketing, which will save licensees thousands of pounds in design costs.  

“Perfect Gym has been designed to empower PTs and fitness entrepreneurs to open their own fitness facility,” says Perfect Gym Director Jamie Mair, “By removing the funding barrier we are helping PTs get to market for a fraction of the cost.  With assets for just 20 sites available we are expecting a high level of interest which will see all the facilities opening over the next few months.”

Having set up his own fitness facility, Fithub in 2012, Mair is well aware of the challenges of opening your own facility. “I was lucky enough to receive fantastic support from a range of companies including Pulse Fitness and I wanted to create a solution that would make it easier for other fitness professionals to realise their dream of having their own gym,” he says.

Licence holders simply pay one fixed fee for the equipment and systems once their facility is operational and is generating revenue.  Whilst the licensee is responsible for the venue, Perfect Gym professionals are on hand to provide site finding advice and planning assistance.   “The PT will know their own local area but we will visit and advice on feasibility of particular venues to ensure they have the best possible chance of success,” says Mair.  “The Perfect Gym model works with venues from 1,500Sq feet right up to 5,000sq feet so finding the right venue is very achievable.”

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