After receiving a number of enquiries regarding the introduction of the Professional Standards, we wanted to let you all know how REPs will manage the transition from the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

CIMSPA received funding from Sport England to create the Professional Standards, which will be made available to the sector and underpin health and fitness qualifications. These standards will gradually be embedded into qualifications by Awarding Organisations to replace the current qualifications that are underpinned by NOS.

REPs will continue to recognise and register people who have completed qualifications under the NOS standards until the Professional Standards are fully embedded. In order for new qualifications to be recognised by REPs, a formal approval process will be available to Awarding Organisations through PD:Approval – the independent organisation contracted by REPs to carry out its endorsement process.

We can assure you that once a timeframe for this transitional process has been established we will make sure REPs members, REPs recognised training providers, corporate account holders, and the sector in general are aware of the process, and any additional training that may be required to bridge any skills gaps between NOS and the Professional Standards.

We hope this provides some clarity and can assure the industry that REPs will continue to maintain standards and quality whilst working with the sector to implement these changes.