As some of you may already know, and for those who don’t I run, my courses and a couple of other businesses on the move (mainly from coffee shops!).

As long as I have my trusty backpack and wifi then I can work from anywhere in the world. This gives me a lot of freedom with time, location and working around other commitments however there are days when it is very easy to get distracted and even more so as a society we are becoming more and more connected via social media, email and the myriad of other different methods of communication.

So here are my top three tips if you are working on the move but they are also applicable to most working environments.

1) Delete emails and social media from your phone

In a recent workplace study it was discovered that the two top distractions in the majority of workplaces were social media and pointless emails. 

In all honesty how important is social media to your business? 

I keep two social media apps on my phone, Facebook messenger and Instagram, why?

Because these are apps that are required for mobile working for my business and a lot of my customers, prospects and contacts communicate via Facebook message (I don't give out my number to a lot of people!).

The rest of my social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter are auto scheduled to post for me and are also accessible from my laptop and iPad so I have no need for them on my phone.

On a personal note I also detest parents that ignore their children whilst browsing social media so that was another motivator for me and my little girl.

2) Turn off wifi on your laptop while working on offline tasks

About 75% of my working tasks are based around offline software such as Microsoft office so when I'm writing blogs, power points or editing videos I turn off my wifi to ensure that I don't get tempted to quickly login to Facebook, check my emails or watch epic fail videos on YouTube.

The same goes for if I'm working from my iPad, I'll switch on airplane mode until I've finished the job I'm working on then once the allotted time is up or the job is finished I may have a short break then crack on with the next task.

3) Set times of the day where you pick one to three tasks and disconnect from the online world

Typically after my morning training session I will choose one task that is the most important for me to get done then two other tasks that are time limited. I will then set two to three hours to get through all the tasks or get as much done as possible.

Once I've decided on the tasks and the timeframe all of my electronic devices either get turned off or put on airplane mode depending on what I need to use to get the job done.

Try implementing some of these into your working day and see if you can improve your working habits and get more done! Feel free to drop an email to if you need any help with your business.

Have a productive day! Josh

About the author:

Josh began in the fitness industry when he was just 15 years old and had never seen a resource available for personal trainers and fitness professionals in the U.K.

He has had numerous roles within the industry including:

- Gym instructor

- Group fitness instructor

- PT manager

- Business owner

- Self employed PT

- Employed PT

- Course Tutor

- Course Assessor

In around September of 2012 the idea of PT Toolbox was born and he has worked relentlessly to ensure that his company has the top authors, top content and ongoing development to provide personal trainers, new and old, a place to visit when they need support, ideas, networking and education.