Jenny Muhlwa Belrobics

With the REPs National Convention drawing ever closer, Belrobics’ very own Jenny Muhlwa guest blogs for REPs ahead of her group fitness workshop on Thursday 2nd October at 15:00

As Leisure Industry Week approaches, it can be a time to reflect on how fit we are as a nation.

According to the Department of Health 2011 Start Active, Stay Active report, only 28% of women in England are reaching the recommended levels of physical activity. But why? Why, when fitness has become so accessible are there still such low levels of activity in this group?

This is a question Belrobics wanted to tackle. We wanted to help women to start being active, stay healthy and enjoy it!

We found that one of the biggest barriers was that women feel they don't have enough time to exercise. Many see it as another chore and with so many other chores in life, why add to the list? What we did find, however, is women will make time to socialise, connect with friends and do things that help them feel good about themselves. So, we designed a programme which is inspired by an ancient dance that has been helping women for centuries to do just this.

Belrobics is a belly dance inspired programme, it is low impact meaning that women who are 16 can enjoy the same class as those who are 60, doing the same routines, laughing and connecting with one another. The moves used work in tune with the female form to help boost self-confidence for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The programme isn't about numbers on a scale or quick fix, slim down, it focuses rather on sustainable healthy living. This is reflected in the number of years members have now been attending classes, healthier body image, healthy life style choices and mind body shift.

I'm very excited to be presenting this programme at LIW with a Belrobics session on Thursday 2nd October at 15:00 at the REPs Convention. Participants will get the opportunity to partake in a class where they will shimmy, have fun and leave full of energy and ideas to help attract more and girls into fitness.

Not only this, we will be giving away a FREE instructor training place to one lucky winner on Thursday between 10am - 12pm on stand W200.

I look forward to shimmying with you there!

Want to take part in the Belrobics group fitness workshop at the REPs Convention?


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