A passion for fitness is the main reason people choose to work in the fitness industry according to findings from the Working in Fitness Survey 2015. The survey, conducted by SkillsActive and the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP), surveyed the 35,000 members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) which works to support, develop and unite the brightest and best fitness professionals in the UK.

The Working in Fitness Survey revealed that 70% of fitness professionals want to work in the fitness industry because they have a genuine passion for fitness. In fact, over 50% of respondents love what they do so much that they decided to come into the fitness industry from a completely different sector.

The survey also found that fitness professionals are not only passionate, they’re altruistic. 44% of respondents said that they came into the sector because they wanted to be a help to other people, and it’s the opportunity to really make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing that they love the most. The majority of respondents working in the fitness industry revealed they gain the most satisfaction from the degree of responsibility given to them.

Greg Small, Head of Membership at REPs said: 'It’s great to see that people are coming into the industry because they genuinely love what they do and want to help other people, showing that the fitness industry continues to be a rewarding and appealing sector to work in. The fact that 40% of respondents have been working in the sector for more than ten years and have no plans to leave in the next five is testament that fitness professionals truly are a happy workforce.'

Although 50% of respondents said that low income would be a key deciding factor for leaving the industry, there is evidence to show that the industry continues to thrive and salary figures are rising. What’s more, job security is clearly not a pressing concern for fitness professionals, with only a very small percentage saying they would leave the industry because of the end of a contract or redundancy.

Jade Moulden, Insight Lead at EMDP said: 'The fitness industry offers great benefits in terms of working flexible hours which is probably why the sector attracts predominantly women. With 67% of the fitness workforce consisting of women, it is an ideal career for those with families who can’t afford to have a regimented nine to five schedule and want the freedom of working for themselves. It offers excellent career opportunities.'