Forget fast food and fast living, today’s men are working hard to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


According to research from natural supplement company Roar Ambition, 55% of those aged 18 to 24 are now actively watching what they eat in a bid to stay fit. As well as adopting a healthy diet, they’re turning to supplements for help too.

The survey, which canvassed the views of 500 gym going males, concluded that men’s desire to look good is fuelling this new passion for healthy living. 55% of participants admitted to taking supplements regularly, with another 69% revealing they’d consider taking a natural option in future.

31% of those surveyed said they hit the gym to help relieve stress, with the most stressed being aged between 35-44.

45% have thought about using steroids to ‘bulk up’, while 59% would think about a fat burner if they could be sure it was safe. Sourcing the right kind of advice is key, and men say they trust other athletes (62%) and their gym (59%) ahead of mates to help them choose a supplement. In the older age ranges, almost 76% of 35–44 years olds would consider taking supplements, the highest in any age range. Partner pressure is felt by 35-44 year olds who revealed that 10% of those who go to the gym do so because their partner makes them do it.

Geographically, men from South East England are the most likely to consider taking a supplement (62%), and they’re also most likely to follow a strict diet (47%), being keener to try a fat burning supplement with 52% saying they’d consider it.

There’s also a social reason for ditching the bars and hitting the barbells, as 15% of those quizzed admitted they used the gym to socialise, with nearly 7% revealing they went to the gym to look for potential partners. Peer pressure played a part too, with just over 4% adding that they went to the gym because all their friends did.