Conducting a UK wide survey in collaboration with YouGov, Predator Nutrition discovered the state of British fitness is looking bleak.

42% of Brits would describe themselves as fairly overweight or very overweight, however, a House of Commons briefing paper on UK obesity puts the average at 61.5%. This means there’s an unaccounted for ‘fat gap’ of almost 20%. Lifestyles are also looking lacklustre as 48% of participants admitted to doing no cardio whatsoever in an average, and 69% saying they don't do any strength training either. Only 22% of Brits are doing more than 60 minutes of cardio exercise week.

On the nutrition side of things, survey results demonstrated that just 11% of participants eat between 29 and 35 portions of fruit and vegetables a week, although around a fifth (21%) of Brits eat sugary or processed food two to three times a week, and 16% eat this type of food every day. On the whole though, Brits were found to be trying to improve their health, with 36% drinking no alcohol in an average week and 31% giving up smoking.

By taking Predator Nutrition’s quiz, which arrives on their website this month, participants can see how far they compare to the average Brit’s level of fitness. Over a series of questions, the quiz compares a participant’s results to those of 2106 UK adults. Then, using a fitness scale devised by Predator Nutrition’s in house fitness experts, their data is graded and compared to the UK average.

Their final result shows how they perform compared to the UK average, and creates a personal fitness profile based on their own data.