Let’s face it – as exercise professionals we are often faced with a bad rep, and it’s not until someone actually experiences the benefits of our work that their view begins to change.

Through Greg Small (Head of Membership and REPs registered trainer) and you, our members, we have listed 10 major misconceptions of a personal trainer.

  1. We all use fake tan. (Most trainers actually just love being outdoors, especially when the weather allows it)
  2. The mirrors in gyms are just for us. (The fact that it allows a client to observe their own technique seems to be an after-thought for most gym goers)
  3. You must be young and gorgeous to be a good personal trainer.
  4. Our clipboards just contain a list of our upcoming social events.
  5. All we consume is protein shakes. We are in fact the biggest advocates of a healthy, balanced diet.

The top five from REPs members

  1. “That we won't be happy with the session unless you spew your guts up!  The ‘go hard or go home’ attitude works well with some people but definitely not for everyone.” Murray Smith
  2. “That we are also all fully competent running coaches! The number of times I have seen people post on running forums asking for advice and happen to state they are a PT or fitness instructor and then get routinely abused as they should know all the answers!” Darryll Thomas
  3.  “People think just because they are paying you and coming to see you maybe once or twice a week they think they will get results. They only pounds they will lose are sterling. They have to do the homework. Plus we are fitness experts not dieticians.” Carol Snowden
  4.  “That as PTs we know everything about every diet, training technique, nutrition idea, etc. There are so many specialist areas that we can't possibly know everything.” Shaun Gray
  5.  “The idea that a PT has to be a solid block of muscle. A good personal trainer should obviously be fit and healthy but being muscular does nothing to guarantee the quality of your training sessions/programmes or your client motivation.” Jim Clements

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