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Blake Richardson

  1. It’s Elementary, Coaching is the Secret to Physical and Mental Well-being

    We massively undervalue coaches in this country. They take on many guises and go by many names but, whatever the moniker, a good coach will have a meaningful and measurable impact on people’s lives. Coaching is a catalyst for positive change; the magic ingredient on a journey towards personal success and fulfilment. Yet coaches do not get the public acclaim or attention they deserve.

    Which is why REPs leapt at the opportunity to become an official partner of Coaching Week, joining forces with UK Coaching to shine a spotlight on coaching’s instrumental role in helping to create the conditions for individuals, groups and communities to thrive.

    In the health and fitness industry, every bit as much as the sport sector, coaching is an essential element. Carbon may be the building-block of life, but coaching is the cement th

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  2. Highlighting #GreatCoaching on National Fitness Day

    'You need to get fit, stay fit and live fit’. Those are the messages we see every day. But for many of us, it’s really difficult to squeeze physical activity into our busy lives.

    We need motivations. Not just a reason to get active, but a reason to stay active. It is important for everybody who is part of the coaching family to understand this.

    The NHS states that leading a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing major illnesses, lower the risk of early death by 30%, while it champions the role of physical activity in helping you lead a healthier and happier life.

    We can also need assistance in getting and staying active. That’s where #GreatCoaching comes in.

    Great coaching encourages people to be more active, more often.


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