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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  1. Women in Fitness conference a storming success


    Women across the exercise sector joined forces on Saturday 7th March to celebrate the first ever all female fitness professional conference, Women In Fitness Empowerment (WIFE), tying in with International Women's Day. A top line-up of speakers, including Katie Bulmer-Cooke from BBC1’s The Apprentice, Charlotte Ord, former trainer on ITV’s The Biggest Loser and regular contributor on Sky News, as well as Rachel Holmes one of the best known female presenters in the UK, covered topics such as mentoring, eating disorders, social media and marketing as well as public speaking and successful presentation skills for trainers.

    Attended by 80 women, the event was founded by fitness tutor and personal trainer Jacqueline Hooton, who has been working in the industry for ov

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  2. Preva Exerciser Activity Report set to bolster client relationships


    Leading fitness equipment supplier and manufacturer Precor has announced its latest addition to the Preva network fitness portfolio, the Preva Exerciser Activity Report, a new way to gain visibility into member activity on cardio usage equipment. Located on the Preva Business Suite dashboard, the Exerciser Activity Report provides a variety of data that operators can use to better target members and get the most out of their cardio equipment, while providing them with user insights to help attract and retain members.

    The report will display useage trends, as well as offer contest participation so that clients can engage in friendly competitions over distance travelled or calories burned, for example. It can also highlight personal weekly workout goals, also offering insight

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  3. BodyPower's Body Transformation Challenge builds momentum


    With figures published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre revealing that there was a marked increase in the proportion of adults that were overweight, from 57.6% to 67.1% in men and from 48.6% to 57.2% in women, BodyPower have chosen the ideal time to launch their exclusive Body Transformation Challenge. Beginning back in January, currently more than 2,000 people have registered to the scheme, which aims to help exercisers achieve their health and fitness goals.

    The 17 week challenge is designed to motivate and incentivise participants to achieve their goals, with registration free for all entrants, and entry remaining open so that people who wanted a shorter challenge could do so too. Each participant also benefits from access to free fitness articles written

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  4. Lifetime Training put key qualification online


    UK vocational training provider Lifetime Training have brought their Personal Training Diploma online so that students can access learning resources no matter where they are, or how busy their schedule is. The online diploma includes all the modules currently available in the Level 2 Fitness Instructor certificate and the Level 3 Personal Training diploma, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Planning and Instructing Gym Sessions, as well as Nutrition and Business Planning.

    Within each course there are multiple ways of learning, including resources to read, videos with tutors to highlight teaching points, webinars with slides to illustrate underpinning theories and learner videos which provide course participants with the opportunity to analyse and correct via peer assessment. A

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  5. Working in Fitness Survey 2015

    Working in Fitness

    Findings from the Working in Fitness Survey 2015, conducted by SkillsActive and the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP), have revealed that:

    • 70% of fitness professionals want to work in the fitness industry because they have a genuine passion for fitness
    • 44% of respondents came into the sector because they wanted to be a help to other people
    • Women working full-time in the fitness industry earn 97% of a full-time male salary
    • London has the highest average wage, and East Midlands the lowest

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  6. 3 reasons not to worry about information overload

    Barefoot running, fasted cardio, when to eat carbs… the fitness world is awash with videos, articles, podcasts and webinars on just about every controversial topic you could think of, and we've all seen the social media debates (in some cases all out wars) on some of them.

    For those of you who like doing your research and staying on top of current thinking, it can get very confusing with so much information, often contradictory, flowing into your inbox and Twitter feed on a daily basis.

    While the internet has provided an open forum for anyone to give their opinion, it’s the established experts that actually give us the real headaches. When an authority figure you respect has a seemingly differing view to another, or takes a stance that conflicts with what you believe, you’re left thinking ‘who’s right?’ Up until a few years ago I too ofte

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  7. Gain a competitive edge with Thomas Sport’s Winning Mindsets masterclass


    Do you want to provide your clients with advanced level, tailored fitness programmes and propel yourself to the status of elite trainer? Come along on Thursday 9th April to find out how.

    Earlier this year, SkillsActive partner Thomas International Sport launched a new series of masterclasses designed to help sport and fitness professionals to find their ‘winning mindset’ through a deeper understanding of behavioural and emotional traits.

    The latest instalment of these interactive evening sessions focuses on psychometrics in the fit

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