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Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. Releasing their inner showgirl…


    Recently endorsed by SkillsActive, we decided to a little bit of digging to find out more about the ever so popular Burlexercise!

    Founders of Burlexercise Sarah-Lou and Katie told us about their story.

    “We founded Burlexercise, our Burlesque inspired fitness class, in May last year. The aim was to create a fun and exciting workout that really gets results. Working as professional Burlesque dancers we decided to combine Burlesque with our fitness backgrounds - The Ultimate Showgirl Workout was born!”

    Burlexercise is designed specifically for an all over body workout, burning calories in the cardio section, toning and tightening during the resistance part, all whilst incorporati

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  2. Never say never!

    seniors weights

    Perhaps it was when a 74 year old woman approached me and said "I want to get fit" and weeks later, she was speed walking on the treadmill, working with light weights, balance boards and Swiss balls and making great progress.  Maybe it was when a 68 year old man came to me and said "how long should we be holding a plank position for because I'm holding one every morning now for 8 minutes".  Perhaps it was me, qualifying as a Personal Trainer aged 42, a couple of stones overweight, not particularly fit but three years down the line, two stones lighter, fit and strong.  Any one of these scenarios tells me one thing.  It is NEVER too late to review a diet and exercise regime and improve, big style!

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  3. Making a Difference

    astley sports

    Astley Sports Village

    Astley Sports Village in Dukinfield, Cheshire, owned by secondary school Astley Sports College, has launched an innovative programme – Make a Difference (M.A.D.) - to tackle childhood obesity, with impressive results.

    “There are lots of reasons why children become overweight and eat unhealthy foods. We want to help them choose the right pathway to improve their health and wellbeing and make a difference to their lives,” states Mark Storie, Director of Astley Sports Village and M.A.D. programme coordinator.

    M.A.D. was created to help re-educate young people to participate in sport or activities with their classroom peers, support them with associa

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  4. Promoting Physical Activity and Health in an Ageing population

    older women

    As we all know physical activity is a cost effective measure in reducing the risk of diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, while fostering social interaction, community participation, and improved levels of social cohesion. 

    SkillsActive and REPs are delighted to be taking the lead in developing a training package to be used by exercise professionals involved in a new study - The Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Ageing (PAHA) project - and will be co-ordinating the delivery of the activity intervention in the UK.

    The PAHA project is a tailored intervention for older adults with different functional capacities. Through a supervised and structured exercise programme

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  5. No one wants personal training

    As Head of the School of Personal Training that might sound like I’m committing commercial suicide. It’s also one of the common reasons PTs (especially those new to the industry) give when they’re struggling to find clients.

    However it is true - most people really don’t want personal training, because very often they don’t understand what it is, and when people don’t understand something, it’s very unlikely they will buy it.

    So what’s the solution? As with many things in our industry, a change of mindset is required – if people don’t want PT, offer something they do want!

    Let’s go back to the point above. Think about what the average person understands by ‘personal training’. Although perceptions are beginning to change as our indust

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