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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  1. MOVE IT 2015

    logo moveit

    REPs is pleased to announce that MOVE IT 2015 is the latest event to be endorsed so that members can gain CPD points for attending. 

    ‘MOVE IT’ is the UK’s largest dance event, with over 20,000 dancers and performers expected at this year’s event which runs from the 13th-15th February at London’s Olympia venue. The show provides opportunities to get involved and try the freshest dance crazes as well as watch performances from Twist & Pulse, Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, the Strictly Come Dancing team and many others.

    With dance-based fitness classes rocketing in popularity, this year a number of REPs-endor

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  2. Putting the AR in SMART


    With New Year’s resolutions in full swing (and I dare say some already abandoned), it seems fitting to write about goal-setting this month. As fitness and health professionals, we're probably all familiar with the SMART acronym and think we know what it stands for. Yet I bet if you asked 20 different trainers you'd get a variety of suggestions. The S, M and T parts are straight-forward - everyone generally agrees on specific, measurable and time-framed (losing 3kg of body fat in 12 weeks for example) but A and R are more debatable.

    Commonly these are defined as achievable (or attainable) and realistic but as I ask students on

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  3. Research reveals inactivity kills more than obesity


    New research carried out by the University of Cambridge has revealed today that about 676,000 deaths each year were down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight.

    Experts have said that getting everyone to do at least 20 minutes of brisk walking a day would have substantial benefits. Making such a simple change and eliminating inactivity in Europe would have the ability cut mortality rates by nearly 7.5%, or 676,000 deaths, a huge reduction we are sure you would agree.

    Commenting on these latest statistics our Head of Membership, Greg Small who is also a personal trainer himself said:

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  4. WIFE (Women In Fitness Empowerment) Conference

    JH Wife

    REPs are delighted to be endorsing the all-female fitness professional’s conference, which takes place on 7th March 2015 at the Holiday Inn Guildford. REPs members will be able to gain 3 CPD point by attending.

    WIFE Conference aims to empower, motivate and support females working in the fitness industry. Through bringing together fourteen top female speakers and presenters who have developed successful businesses, or work in specific niches, delegates will benefit from hearing about their achievements, insights and advice.
    WIFE Conference seeks to create an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, business strategies and common issues affecting women working in the fitness industry today. A wide range of topics will be covered throughout t

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  5. Nutritional Advice - REPs official Statement

    In recent months, here at REPs we have noticed some confusion on social media with regards to the type and level of nutrition advice which Personal Trainers are able to give. It can be an emotive area as many PTs believe that their nutrition advice is at least as important as the exercise advice they give their clients. Unfortunately, it is apparent that many in our industry fall under the influence of the latest fad or celebrity diet, and thus give poor, confusing or potentially dangerous advice to their clients. In this statement, REPs will try to clarify what the boundaries of appropriate nutrition advice are.

    All REPs categories have what are known as ‘Occupational Descriptors’ which describe what instructors should or shouldn’t do as part of their job role. When it comes to nutrition advice, the Occupational Descriptor clearly states:

    L3 Personal Trainers should NOT:

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  6. PT Success seminars launched by Lifetime Training

    Lifetime Training is launching a series of seminars specifically designed to highlight the benefits of becoming and building a business as a Personal Trainer.

    Hosted by fitness industry and business development expert and author, Dave Fletcher, alongside members of the Lifetime Coaching Team, the PT Success Seminars explore the whole ‘journey’ from qualification to the creation of a thriving business. 

    The seminars feature highly pertinent themes such as choosing appropriate qualifications, maximising income potential, the pros and cons of employment versus self-employment, identifying what makes a great Personal Trainer, generating new clients, building a business efficiently and effectively, as well as exploring long term opportunities within the fitness industry.

    The first seminar will

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