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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  1. You know you’re an exercise professional when...


    It’s that time of year when many people are receiving their exam results and perhaps wondering what career is right for them. So in order to give a little insight in to the life of an exercise professional we thought we’d ask our members and our Head of Compliance and Standards Rob Wilkie to finish this statement “You know you’re an exercise professional when...”.

    We received over 30 comments when we asked the question on our Facebook page, here are just a few of our favourite answers from our members:

    1. “…when you don’t think twice about getting up at 5am five mornings a week to start training keen and enthusiastic clients at 6a
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  2. On the Right Track: Why simply tracking your fitness makes you fitter!



    Last month you may remember we posted on our blog some new research on why consumers are ditching the fitness tracker. However, like any product when used properly it can have a real impact!



    REPs member Sara Taylor recently posted an article on her blog about how using a fitness tracker can really make a difference.


    The accessibility of modern apps and gadgets has evolved considerably since phones became smart and computers became hand-held. Their role in all areas of our lives is now without question, but one of

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  3. REPs to conduct CPD Audit

    When working a busy schedule, juggling commitments and giving your all to each client, it is all too easy to push thoughts of your own professional development to one side. However, it is worth thinking about yourself and your development as a practitioner and an individual. This is where CPD training can help by letting you pursue the areas that interest you in more depth, developing your career in the direction you want it to go.

    To enhance the integrity of REPs as the touchstone for professionalism within our industry, a CPD audit will be conducted on 31st October 2014, to ascertain the compliance of REPs members with their CPD requirements.

    The process for this audit will be as follows:

    • A proportion of members with over two years’ continuous membership will be randomly selected.
    • These members will have their current CPD compliance checked against the agreed criteria
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  4. Tickets now available for the REPs National Convention

    We are delighted to announce that this year at our National Convention which will be hosted at Leisure Industry Week (LIW), the Keynote speech will be delivered by our ambassador, Olympian and 2010 Commonwealth champion Louise Hazel.

    In her keynote Louise Hazel will be discussing the importance preparing for peak performance and how everyday people and personal trainers can learn from elite athletes and how she used this as inspiration for her new training plan.

    Speaking to REPs Louise Hazel said:

    “I’m really looking forward to delivering the Keynote speech at this year’s convention.”

    She continued to say:

    “As a REPs member myself I’m also looking forward to be able to meet and network with fellow fitness professionals, whilst gaining some new skills along the way.”

    This year&r

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