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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  1. REPs launches new website

    As some of you may have already noticed, we have updated the REPs website. The new site offers a more refreshed, modernised look and feel as well as making the time spent on the site more enjoyable.

    We caught up with SkillsActive Head of Digital, Doug Burtenshaw, who gave us a little insight on the site update.

    In a newly structured team, Doug leads on all things digital at REPs, and you will be sure to see the impact of his role over the coming months.

    Why has the REPs website been updated?

    Primarily, user Journeys needed to be improved. We needed to make sure that when people visited the site, they could get what they need as quickly as possible.

    The new site is a lot more compact, and there is a clearer focus on finding the information quickly.

    What can REPs members expect from the new site?

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  2. REPs outlines stance on parks and exercise

    In light of recent press coverage surrounding trainers using public parks, REPs outlines its stance on the issue.

    When enforced responsibly and professionally, we are supportive of local parks and public spaces charging a fee for exercise professionals to use these spaces.

    At REPs, our primary concern is to protect the public from rogue trainers. The maintenance of public parks will make for a better space, thus offering the public a better training environment. We appreciate the need to pay a fee in this circumstance, and are ensuring that parks and local councils make their plans clear and go about this in a professional manner.

    To hear from members of aggressive behaviour being used as a deterrent is concerning, and REPs stresses the need for parks to carry out their duties in a responsible manner.

    REPs encourages members to contact us if they feel these regulation

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