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  1. CIMSPA and UK Coaching reach agreement to create a single directory for exercise and fitness professionals

    The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and UK Coaching, who currently operate the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), today announce an agreement to combine REPs with the CIMSPA Exercise and Fitness Directory, creating a single directory for all exercise and fitness professionals.

    The initiative will create a unified recognition system for people working in the sector and a single endorsement mechanism for training providers. Under the agreement, all current REPs members will be given the opportunity to transfer into the CIMSPA membership scheme, with the new directory being hosted and managed by CIMSPA.

    UK Coaching will provide CIMSPA fitness and coaching members with access to their comprehensive o

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  2. Examining the valuable role of physical activity at all stages of the cancer care pathway

    Steven Harulow looks at the impact of exercise in cancer rehabilitation and the challenges and rewards for personal trainers working in this growing area of expertise.

    According to Cancer Research UK (CRUK), someone is diagnosed with cancer in the United Kingdom approximately every two minutes. That’s a staggering 363,000 new cancer diagnoses every year; more than 990 every day. It is very likely that you will know of or meet someone with cancer. You may even develop cancer yourself.

    That’s a pretty depressing thought, I know, but it’s important to realise that improvements in cancer detection and treatment advances mean more people are living longer and cancer free after treatment. Overall cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the past 40 years and in 2010-2011 half of those diagnosed with cancer in England and Wales had surviv

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  3. Body Dysmorphic Disorder: It’s not about vanity

    Dr Vanessa Bogle, Chartered Psychologist, BABCP accredited Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) and exercise professional dispels the myths about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

    In the fitness industry, where pressures to conform to beauty, body shape, weight and size ideals exist, fitness professionals should all be familiar with the term Body Dysmorphic Disorder, for the benefit of ourselves and our clients.

    We all have times when we feel dissatisfied about some aspect of our appearance. It’s no surprise, as we are constantly bombarded by images of unattainable ideals of how we should look and what we can do to achieve it, coupled with the pressure and expectations we put on ourselves.

    This can lead to anxiety and an excessive preoccupation with appearance that causes distress and interferes significantly with day-to-day life.

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  4. Clearing up some ancient myths about meditation

    Calling all personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates instructors. Are you ready to change the outdated perception of meditation?

    The long-held belief, almost without exception, is that meditation is taught by a guru, Yoga teacher or a Buddhist monk in a small and often offbeat religious centre somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

    It is also considered by most people to be difficult to do.

    Two questions I have been asked repeatedly:

    • Why is it not taught in a gym by a fully qualified, REPs-endorsed personal trainer?
    • Why is meditation not as easy to learn as other forms of physical exercise taught to you by a good PT?

    The answer to both questions is, IT IS!

    The truth is, meditation is nothing more than a series of physical exercises that can be learnt by anyone.

    “No way,” I

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  5. New qualification increases employability of those pursuing career in health and fitness industry

    The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) have given their stamp of recognition to a new fitness qualification from Pearson – one of the UK’s largest awarding organisations.

    Pearson have announced that 4 brand new BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Sport suites are available to teach right away. This includes the Sport, Fitness and Personal Training qualification, which meets the membership entry requirements for REPs and means learners can join the UK’s largest register of fitness professionals after graduating from the course.

    Certification is a fantastic entry point to the health and fitness profession, allowing progression to roles such as Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer.

    The new suites are geared towards exciting, fast-growing areas of the sport industry, and have all been dev

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  6. You are never too old to get fit

    Somebody once said that youth is wasted on the young, well they were right and that’s because they have nothing to compare it against.

    As a person who has kept fit all my life, the prospect of retirement was something I regarded as being bit of a mystery tour, but not in a good way. I don’t see myself as being old and I couldn’t see any good reason why I should stop doing any of the things I’ve done in the past. So, as I moved more towards the idea of part-time work, I thought it would be a great opportunity to set aside more time for keeping fit.

    However, there seemed to be a lot of stuff out there telling me that I needed to be careful and that exercising at my age might even be dangerous!

    Benefits of staying fit

    Society certainly seems to reflect this thinking; recent stats show approximately 3

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  7. Fitness-focused Brits are missing out on their goals through poor nutrition knowledge

    • Over 80% of Brits who exercise regularly admit they don’t have a clue what foods they should be eating to support their hard work
    • Experts say that nutrition is as important as exercise to achieve fitness goals
    • 30% of consumers say they would like to get nutritional information from their personal trainers
    • The Optimum Nutrition for Health & Performance Course is available for PTs and fitness experts who are looking to further their nutritional education to provide a deeper understanding and nutritional advice to clients and consumers.
    • The course is available to REPs members at the reduced cost of £59 (usual price £99). It provides a certificate of nutrition certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and completing the course will also earn REPs members 7 CPD points
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  8. Moving Your Way to Good Health

    If there was a treatment that could reduce heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%, would you be interested?

    How about if it was free, and you can start immediately?

    This same treatment – without any medical interactions – can also help people struggling with mental health issues. It can improve sleep, self-confidence, mood and motivation, reduce social isolation, fatigue levels and short term sickness absence.

    It’s not new. This has been tried and tested for centuries. You’ve guessed it, physical activity does all these things.

    Yet in England only 40% of men and 28% women [Wales 36% male, 23% female; Scotland 43% male, 32% female, Northern Ireland 33% male, 28% female] do the recommended amount.

    It’s even less in children [England 2-15yo 32% boys, 24% g

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  9. Why messaging around perfect body image has to change

    Phill Wright is a health and fitness educator, coach and mentor who sits on the expert panel for REPs.

    He has written a passionate plea to gyms and fitness professionals, calling for a radical change in what he deems is the pervasive practice of promoting unrealistic body ideals, and for those working in the sector to consider the potential physical, psychological and emotional repercussions of pushing clients towards achieving the ‘body beautiful’.

    The sentiments expressed are Phill’s own. REPs appreciates this is an emotive topic and that everyone will have their own distinct views, covering a wide spectrum of opinion.

    Do you agree with Phill’s thought-provoking blog – that there is too much focus on quick wins, which can lead to clients’ vulnerabilities being exploited

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  10. Shout-out to the Dance Fitness boom

    It’s a fact that “Dance Fitness” or “Dance-Based Fitness” group exercise classes are more popular than ever.

    Health clubs, leisure groups and dance schools are adding these alternative classes to their timetables due to popular demand.

    Dance-based fitness classes bring the world of fitness and dance together and capture a market of clientele who recognize the importance of both mental and physical health benefits.

    Attending a regular group exercise Dance Fitness class builds strength, increases stamina, reduces stress, improves co-ordination and confidence, provides social interaction, develops flexibility and boosts weight loss.

    So whether it’s the fun social interaction, exercising without knowing you are exercising or the stimulation and feeling of achievement of learning a dance skill that you’ve always wanted to do or used to enjoy as a ch

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