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REPs in Wales


Wales was the first country to appoint its own specific Officer for REPs. This appointment was made on the back of an agreement with the Welsh Government that was brokered by SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning.

REPs History in Wales

Since its Welsh inception in 2005 REPs has grown in strength, and is currently in the process of delivering a programme of work that is supported by the Sports Wales. As a result of an increase in profile, the number of registered instructors operating within Wales has more than doubled since 2005.

Wales has the highest percentage of Level 3 members across the UK regions. These highly skilled exercise professionals will play a key role in addressing the ambitious targets that have been set within the Welsh Government’s ‘Climbing Higher’ Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity.

Extra Benefits for Welsh Members

As a result of the continued support provided by the Sports Wales, REPs members who reside in Wales receive Welsh specific communication.

Only registered REPs instructors are eligible to work on Welsh Government and Sports Wales funded schemes such as the National Exercise Referral Scheme and applications for Development Grants.

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The Register Manager for Wales

Appointed in January 2006, John Byers operates as the Register Officer for Wales. John primarily leads the development of REPs within Wales, this includes promotion and advocacy to both employers and training providers and ensuring that appropriate resources are available (including those through the medium of the Welsh language).