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About REPs

The Register of Exercise Professionals – launched in 2002 and under the ownership of UK Coaching since 2016 – is the largest independent public register for the Health and Fitness Industry in the UK, recognising the qualifications and expertise of health-enhancing exercise instructors across the four home nations.

REPs was developed to protect the public from trainers who do not hold appropriate qualifications and to provide assurance and confidence to the public and employers that all professionals on the register are appropriately qualified with the knowledge, competence and skills to perform their role effectively.

REPs provides a system of regulation for over 20,000 passionate health and fitness instructors and over 200 enthusiastic and innovative training providers, to ensure that they meet the industry’s agreed standards.

REPs has a robust continuing professional development (CPD) structure in place to ensure members are kept up to date with current research and thinking, which is backed up by and linked to insurances. PD:Approval has been contracted as an independent quality assurance organisation to drive up standards, offering the REPs kitemark of quality to the awarding organisations, universities, colleges and training providers that achieve them.

By building on their entry qualification, members are able to follow a clear career pathway backed up by readily available advice and easy to access quality assured training on a dedicated online hub.

REPs is an active member of the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) working with them on the global standards and any other international matters relevant to the health and fitness industry in the UK. The global standards, adopted by REPs, ensure that our members relocating or travelling abroad will be recognised as professionals in their industry by the nine other member countries, of which five are English-speaking.

• Australia

• Belgium

• Canada

• Ireland

• New Zealand

• Poland

• South Africa

• United Arab Emirates

• United States of America

Membership is priced at £40 (including VAT) per annum.