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Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor




Confirmation of Pre-requisites and Professional Practice Unit

You will need to read the Professional Practice Paper in order to fully complete the Professional Practice Unit below

To Apply for Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor status on REPs you must successfully complete the form below in full and submit your answers to REPs.

Having completed the form and clicked the submit button you will receive an email giving your answers and confirming if you have passed this unit.

If you meet all the pre-requisites and have answered ALL questions from the Professional Practice Unit correctly we ask that you print out the confirmation email and submit along with a Registration Form, supporting documentation and payment.

If you have not correctly answered all questions, you can retake the test.

Before completing the form below please ensure you meet the pre-requisites - click here to see details

REPs CPD points

Satisfactory completion of this on-line assessment gives 2 REPs CPD points.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this assessed CPD you will:

  1. Understand the meaning of professional practice in relation to the roles and responsibilities of the ER Instructor
  2. Understand how to evaluate the quality and reliability of evidence
  3. Be familiar with the structure of current healthcare systems and the commissioning process
  4. Understand the significance of health service documents and their impact on healthcare systems
  5. Understand the importance of effective inter-professional communication
  6. Understand how to write a letter to a healthcare professional communicating, appropriate information and using accurate language
  7. Understand professional role boundaries/scope of practise and how to refer back to healthcare professionals
  8. Understand the significance of health related behaviours and perceptions of the client
  9. Understand how psycho social economic status can be linked to health
  10. Understand the characteristics of individuals with an internal or external locus of control
  11. Understand the meaning of validity and reliability in relation to measurement of techniques and outcomes
  12. Understand the current position with regard to risk stratification of exercising patients

REPs Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor

SECTION 1 - Confirmation of Pre-requisites

Please confirm that you meet the pre-requisites to be considered for Level 4 status

SECTION 2 - Professional Practice Unit

Candidates must answer all questions correctly to be eligible for Level 4. Questions are multiple-choice and based on the Professional Practice Paper.

SECTION 2 - Professional Practice Unit - Continued