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Upskilling: Children & Vulnerable Adults


In order to answer these questions successfully and complete this upskilling module you will need to read the text relating to adapting your sessions to Children and Vulnerable Adults. Click here to download it.


1. In the context of a ‘Safeguarding and Protection Policy’ within an active leisure setting, what does the term ‘safeguarding’ mean?

Looking after vulnerable children
Looking after vulnerable adults
Meeting the needs of all children and vulnerable adults
Meeting the needs of people who have been abused

2. Which of the following ‘safeguarding procedures’ is the responsibility of the instructor?

Speak to the parent or carer if they suspect the child is being abused
Speak to the child if they suspect the child is being abused
Speak to the safeguarding officer if they suspect a child is being abused
Speak to the abuser if they suspect the vulnerable adult is being abused

3. Which of the following actions by an instructor could be seen as a form of abuse?

Motivating participants to complete the set task
Shouting to challenge bad behaviour
Encouraging participants to complete the set task quicker
Challenging those who do not complete a task

4. Which of the following signs could be emotional abuse?

Sudden speech disorders
Broken bones
Cigarette burns
Keeping arms and legs covered

5. Which of the following statements would be a key principle in a fitness-organisation’s safeguarding policy and procedures?

Record in writing the details of what has been said, heard or seen
Volunteers do not need a CRB check to work with children or vulnerable adults
If a vulnerable person confides in you, you must keep it confidential
Always call 999 if abuse is suspected

6. Which type of environment should an instructor be working in to protect themselves from accusations of abuse?


7. Which of the following agencies is responsible for both the welfare of children and vulnerable adults?

Social services
Age concern

8. When should an instructor contact a statutory agency?

As soon as abuse is suspected
After contact with the police
Once the child or vulnerable adult has been questioned
If the safeguarding officer or line manager is not available

9. Which of the following indicators could mean a vulnerable adult is being physically abused?

Weight loss
Sexually explicit language
Aggressive behaviour