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Issue 3b: Fat Loss


1. What happens to the body when carb levels begin to drop?

You become disorientated and suffer from blurred vision
Energy levels are reduced and fatigue sets in
The body releases fatty acids from its reserves within the adipose tissue which circulates to the liver, where they are converted into smaller carbon fragments and released back into the circulation

2. Why does the body need to dispose of excess glucose in blood?

To prevent hyperglycaemia - high blood sugar levels
To prevent high blood pressure
To prevent plastic deformation of muscles

3. What are the national fat consumption guidelines for: A. men and B. women?

Men - 70g of fat a day (15g saturate), Women - 55g of fat a day (8g saturate)
Men - 120g of fat a day (50g saturate), Women - 90g of fat a day (18g saturate)
Men - 95g of fat a day (30g saturate), Women - 70g of fat a day (20g saturate)