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REPS PIC01Dance fitness classes are more popular than ever, with thousands of people choosing dancing as their way of keeping fit. Dance fitness crazes come and go but the best thing about them is they welcome all levels – so whether you’re a trained dancer or a complete beginner, a dance fitness class is a fun way to work out. has released its top seven dance workouts.

Without a doubt, the top dance inspired workout class, which is now world famous, is Zumba. The cardio workout with an element of toning fuses many different styles of dance, mainly South American, including salsa, cumbia, merengue, hip hop and reggaeton. It is one of the most popular dance workouts worldwide with an array of merchandise including clothing, DVDs and video games.

One dance style which you probably wouldn’t expect to take off as a dance based workout is ballet. Ballet barre classes, which focus on repetitive toning exercises using a barre and light weights, are coming to the UK after being successful in the US and Australia. Some classes also have elements of yoga and pilates to increase flexibility.

Next on the list of dance inspired workouts was one of the first to get us moving – Jazzercise. Founded in 1969, the classes use a mix of music and dance styles mixing jazz, hip hop and even kickboxing moves to ensure the dance party burns 800 calories an hour.

Belly dance fitness classes take the number four spot, which are growing in momentum and even claim studio space in some of the UK’s biggest chain gyms such as Fitness First. Pole fitness is also a very popular workout which people are starting to take more seriously. Combining gymnastics, acrobatics and pole dancing, pole fitness strengthens and tones the entire body while also improving flexibility and coordination.

At number six, Masala Bhangra offers a combination of low impact exercises mixed with Bollywood dance moves. Finally at number seven it’s the latest cardio workout – twerking. This infamous booty move is now at the centre of a new 'twerkout' but the experts predict this one might be a passing phase.

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Make fitness fun, sociable and more approachable, a new guide by Sport England today recommends. Aimed at the people who create opportunities for women to get active, ‘Helping Women & Girls to Get Active: A Practical Guide’ offers advice on how to break down barriers which are stopping women and young girls from getting active, and keep them coming back for more.

Rejecting a ‘one size fits all’ approach, this guide encourages facilitators to consider a range of barriers which may be preventing women and young girls from signing up. For example, research found that many women find mirrors in exercise studios intimidating and are often fearful of appearing to be the odd one out in classes. The guide also includes common sense solutions to encourage repeat visits to classes, such as teaming up with a local business to offer a free coffee as a reward for completion of a certain number of sessions. Some of the other top tips include:

  • Make sure the changing rooms have full length mirrors and good quality hairdryers
  • Mirrors in studios can make some women feel self-conscious
  • Selling the sport or activity doesn’t always work, instead sell the benefit, promoting the fun, friendship, social aspects, as well as de-stressing effect
  • Consider alternatives to sporty images, ads with women in relaxed clothing having fun can resonate better
  • Avoid stock photos, people prefer to see either local women or women who feel like them in marketing material
  • Images of women exercising on their own or in small groups appeal more than images of large groups
  • Record a quick video demonstrating the class and post online so possible attendees can see what the activity is like and the people taking part
  • Reduce the fear factor by advising women what to wear, what to bring, how much it is, and that there will be other people at a similar level to them there either on your website, Facebook page or by talking to them

Despite 13 million women and girls saying they want to play more sport, in reality only half that number actually do. This free online guide sets out to change this. Targeting women specifically, it aims to close the gender divide which currently sees two million more men than women exercising per week.

This new guide brings together all the results of Sport England's female-focused campaigns including I Will If You Will*, and This Girl Can*, and research study, Go Where Women Are*. I Will If You Will, a project delivered by Bury Council, has seen the number of local women doing sport and physical activity in the town double in the last two years. The multi award-winning This Girl Can campaign is transforming the way sport and physical activity is marketed to women and how women talk and feel about being active.

Sport England Director of Business Partnerships, Tanya Joseph, said, “We know that men and women think about sport differently, and encouraging women and girls to get involved requires more work

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Places for People snag top award

Places for People Leisure recently received the coveted Multi Site Approved Training Centre of the Year (15+ sites) at the IQL UK Awards 2015. This award recognises a training centre with 15 or more sites who demonstrates a clear dedication to the provision of pool lifeguard training, career development and the promotion of wider water safety messages.

The prestigious Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) and IQL UK National Awards returned this year with the addition of six new categories. The event, which took place on Friday 12th June 2015, gave Pool Lifeguards, Trainer Assessors, National Trainer Assessors and Approved Training Centres the chance to recognise and celebrate those who continually raise standards and make such a valuable contribution to pool safety and drowning prevention.

In addition Places for People Leisure were also finalists in the Trainer Assessor of the Year category with both James Dumper from Gosport Leisure Centre and Paul Kelly from Farnham Leisure Centre recognised and members of staff at Kings Leisure Centre were also nominated for Lifeguard Team of the Year.

Andy Read, Safety and Quest Manager at Places for People Leisure who oversees Lifeguarding, adds: ‘We are delighted to have received the RLSS's award for Approved Training Centre of the Year, as an acknowledgement of all the hard work and passion which has gone into drowning prevention and water safety. Receiving this award is a credit to all our team who educate and keep millions of people safe every year.'

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PTs gather to learn at UK’s first Meeting of the Minds

‘Don’t stop learning’. That was the verdict from some of the industry’s top Personal Trainers and thought leaders at this year’s Meeting of the Minds, hosted by FitPro and Lifetime Training, who almost unanimously voted on the importance of ongoing education and training beyond becoming a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

The day-long educational event - Movement, Mindset and Metabolism - was the UK’s first Meeting of the Minds (MOTM), which originated more than seven years ago in Colorado under FitPro’s PTontheNet, and saw around 160 leading industry professionals receive exclusive invites to attend ExCel in London and learn from world-renowned speakers and authors.

Presenters included Rodney Corn, Annette Lang and Anatomy Trains author Thomas Myers, as well as industry innovators such as Bobby Cappuccio, who explained that ‘all successful fitness trends are community driven’ and Douglas Heel, who believes ‘if a client isn't ready to do the work it's not your job to fix them’.

Brian St Pierre advised the audience to ‘only make nutrition as complicated as it needs to be, not as complicated as it can be’, whilst Ian O’Dwyer controversially claimed our industry is lacking direction and leadership, and Anthony Carey posed the question: if tissue heals why does pain remain? and explained it's bio-psycho-social - not all in the mind or all in the body.

On registration, attendees filled in a questionnaire and, throughout the event, took part in an interactive wall survey giving their opinion on sector specific issues, such as ‘how is technology changing the way you work with clients?’, ‘do you believe the health and fitness industry is evolving at a fast enough pace?’ and ‘what would be your top tip to becoming a successful PT?’. Not surprisingly, the registration questionnaire also showed there was an overwhelming importance placed on the client and client relationships, with attendees citing the most important factor to being a successful PT as listening, communicating and interpersonal skills (36%), while deciding another top tip to being a successful PT was all about building and maintaining good client relationships (35%).

Brent Hallo, FitPro’s Founder and Chairman said: 'The event was an altruistic effort to gather top industry experts together to deliver cutting-edge information in a TED Talk format to selected individuals who represent the pinnacle of practical leadership in the region in a bid to further enhance their knowledge and training base.'

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Slo-mo running helps to burn fat

New research from TomTom reveals that nearly 40% of Brits believe High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will see fast fat burn results, but less than 20% actually know that slow and steady running can be just as effective.

Weight loss is the reason that 60% of the nation starts a new training regime and more than one in 10 (13%) plans to pull on their trainers and head out for a run to lose the pounds. With 69% of Brits considering themselves overweight, a quarter are seeing the summer months as a reason to adopt a new fitness routine, with 20% adding that a forthcoming holiday is enough motivation to get exercising. Almost a fifth said that using a heart rate monitor to analyse their training had helped them lose weight.

Notably nearly a fifth (18%) of those who had used a heart rate monitor to train stated that it had helped them lose weight. 57% also believed it had helped them to understand how their body responds to exercise and 29% felt it helped hone their technique and achieve their goals.

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Life Fitness take on active ageing fitness market

Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, has announced that SCIFIT Systems Inc. will join the company’s brand family. The addition of SCIFIT provides Life Fitness with an expanded product line-up and increased access to the growing active aging market, as well as the medical wellness and rehabilitation fitness segments. SCIFIT was acquired by Life Fitness’ parent company, Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC).

Founded in 1987, SCIFIT has an extensive line of fitness equipment designed to address the needs of active seniors and patients undergoing rehabilitation. With products that are highly accessible for any age or ability, SCIFIT products are staples in facilities where users are building or regaining strength, or maintaining wellness. Their comprehensive product line-up features equipment that can be focused on the needs of the upper body, lower body or total body movements using machines that can be customised to the user’s specific needs and ability level. With low starting resistance, step-through entry for wheelchair access, and built-in workload safeguards for cardiovascular training, SCIFIT provides a safe and user-friendly solution for seniors or those who train them. The equipment is also ideal for rehabilitation for athletes and uniformed services personnel, as well as those with special needs.

In addition to benefitting from the Life Fitness industry-leading biomechanics team and the company’s long tradition of product innovation, SCIFIT will also now be available to the Life Fitness global network.

Chris Clawson, president of Life Fitness, said: 'With our industry leadership and SCIFIT’s innovative products and expertise within the active aging and medical exercise categories, the SCIFIT acquisition positions Life Fitness to provide products to support the rapidly growing senior population. Life Fitness will now be able to equip facilities from retirement communities and assisted living centres to nursing homes, long-term care environments and rehabilitation centres with fitness products tailored for the facility’s users.'

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The Perfect Gym provides Personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs with the opportunity to open their own facility for a fraction of the upfront cost.  Perfect Gym is offering 20 Licences to open a gym under the Perfect Gym brand.  Licensees will be able to access over £80k of set up materials including fitness equipment, IT systems and sales and marketing resources.

Perfect Gym will work with the licensee to create their perfect gymat a venue of their choosing.  Essential IT systems including a front of house membership system and direct debit collection software will be installed. The space will then be kitted out with all the fitness equipment for no upfront fee. CV and strength equipment as well as free weights and indoor cycles are included in the package.  All equipment comes in excellent condition from Pulse resale with a full service history.  For added piece of mind the licence includes a maintenance contract for all the equipment.

Perfect Gym will also provide a central website with a personalised online brochure as well online joining and session booking capabilities. All Perfect Gym facilities benefit from a strong visual identity and ready to go artwork for signage and sales and marketing, which will save licensees thousands of pounds in design costs.  

“Perfect Gym has been designed to empower PTs and fitness entrepreneurs to open their own fitness facility,” says Perfect Gym Director Jamie Mair, “By removing the funding barrier we are helping PTs get to market for a fraction of the cost.  With assets for just 20 sites available we are expecting a high level of interest which will see all the facilities opening over the next few months.”

Having set up his own fitness facility, Fithub in 2012, Mair is well aware of the challenges of opening your own facility. “I was lucky enough to receive fantastic support from a range of companies including Pulse Fitness and I wanted to create a solution that would make it easier for other fitness professionals to realise their dream of having their own gym,” he says.

Licence holders simply pay one fixed fee for the equipment and systems once their facility is operational and is generating revenue.  Whilst the licensee is responsible for the venue, Perfect Gym professionals are on hand to provide site finding advice and planning assistance.   “The PT will know their own local area but we will visit and advice on feasibility of particular venues to ensure they have the best possible chance of success,” says Mair.  “The Perfect Gym model works with venues from 1,500Sq feet right up to 5,000sq feet so finding the right venue is very achievable.”

For more information visit

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A passion for fitness is the main reason people choose to work in the fitness industry according to findings from the Working in Fitness Survey 2015. The survey, conducted by SkillsActive and the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP), surveyed the 35,000 members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) which works to support, develop and unite the brightest and best fitness professionals in the UK.

The Working in Fitness Survey revealed that 70% of fitness professionals want to work in the fitness industry because they have a genuine passion for fitness. In fact, over 50% of respondents love what they do so much that they decided to come into the fitness industry from a completely different sector.

The survey also found that fitness professionals are not only passionate, they’re altruistic. 44% of respondents said that they came into the sector because they wanted to be a help to other people, and it’s the opportunity to really make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing that they love the most. The majority of respondents working in the fitness industry revealed they gain the most satisfaction from the degree of responsibility given to them.

Greg Small, Head of Membership at REPs said: 'It’s great to see that people are coming into the industry because they genuinely love what they do and want to help other people, showing that the fitness industry continues to be a rewarding and appealing sector to work in. The fact that 40% of respondents have been working in the sector for more than ten years and have no plans to leave in the next five is testament that fitness professionals truly are a happy workforce.'

Although 50% of respondents said that low income would be a key deciding factor for leaving the industry, there is evidence to show that the industry continues to thrive and salary figures are rising. What’s more, job security is clearly not a pressing concern for fitness professionals, with only a very small percentage saying they would leave the industry because of the end of a contract or redundancy.

Jade Moulden, Insight Lead at EMDP said: 'The fitness industry offers great benefits in terms of working flexible hours which is probably why the sector attracts predominantly women. With 67% of the fitness workforce consisting of women, it is an ideal career for those with families who can’t afford to have a regimented nine to five schedule and want the freedom of working for themselves. It offers excellent career opportunities.' 

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Leading fitness equipment supplier and manufacturer Precor has unveiled the Precor Coaching Centre, to help guide and educate both customers and fitness professionals.

The new destination area offers a wealth of web-based information and tips to help fitness professionals and exercisers optimise their workouts, and ensure operators get the most value out of their equipment. This regularly updated content is available online at

The Precor Coaching Centre features three main sections, targeted at fitness professionals, operators and exercisers. For fitpros,the online centre explains how PTs can use Precor equipment in new ways to help clients stay engaged while having fun. Content includes a series of three minute trainer tip videos on core training, High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and AMT coaching, along with downloadable workout templates and coaching guides.

For operators, the content is all about providing educational resources for staff. This includes a dedicated Fitness Professionals Area, Precor Education Onboarding Checklist (a guide to key educational resources available on each product) and Precor Product Tutorials. There’s also resources that operators can use as blogs on their own websites, covering everything from trend-based workouts, nutrition and sleep recommendations, to Precor product tutorials for members.

Exercisers can also gain from the new coaching centre as Precor-recommended workouts in both video and PDF format deliver fresh perspectives and training tips that help exercisers stay engaged. Frequently updated featured workouts provide a results-oriented variety of plans. This section also features ‘Get to know our equipment’ tutorials which show how to use each machine correctly, and inform which muscles are being trained.

Find out more at

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Do you have what it takes to be the best in your field? Popular sports nutrition brand Bio-Synergy are providing the perfect opportunity for personal trainers to elevate their careers to new heights with their exclusive competition to find the number one personal trainer in the UK. Part of their coveted Bio-Synergy PT Programme, the competition will be launching at this years Fitpro event in London in association with fitness-centric title Personal Trainer Magazine.

To enter this career-changing competition, all PTs need to do is email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where they will then be directed to a sign up page. To complete the application, all entrants must submit a short vlog stating why they should be considered as UK’s number one PT. Personal trainers will also need to provide various supporting documents such as testimonials, before and after client photos, information about how long clients have maintained objectives, explaining what actions have been taken to further their qualifications and career  as well as any specialities they focus on, such as sports performance, weight loss or competition preparation.

A panel of judges – including Ben Isaacs, Editor at Shortlist magazine and David Cooper, Brand Director at Gym Box – will then whittle the number of entrants down to 10 candidates for the next exciting stage of the competition, where participants can really showcase their creativity, niches and passion for fitness. The second stage of the competition will see the chosen top 10 devise a new workout that can be done at home, in the gym or outdoors. The workouts will then be voted on by clients, with the highest scoring three personal trainers then succeeding in to the final round of the competition, where the experienced judges will select the final winner.

The winner will not only be crowned the number one PT in the UK, but will also get to star in their very own Personal Trainer Magazine cover, also taking home £500. Each of the runners up will receive a feature within the fitness-focused publication as well as £100. All entrants will gain entry into the Bio-Synergy PT Programme.

Make your mark within the industry and apply today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to transform your fitness career!

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upmysport, the platform designed to make it easier for people to meet recommended sport and fitness instructors in their area, has announced a successful seed round of fundraising totalling £1m. The round was led by private investors working in partnership with Government backed investment fund, the Angel CoFund.

Founded in early 2013 with a vision to be home to the best instructors in Europe, upmysport is designed to meet the need for a simple, digitally-based service for arranging sessions with reliable instructors in a chosen activity. The service allows you to browse through and book into private sessions or courses, updating your phone diary and taking payment in just one click. Users can also create a shortlist of their favourite instructors for easy future booking. For instructors, the app serves as a full relationship management and marketing tool.

The tech startup is based in Tech City in East London and in Chamonix, France. This investment round is the second raised by upmysport, who previously raised £150k under SEIS. Investors include business leaders and successful entrepreneurs from across Europe, all of whom share upmysport’s passion to fill the consumer technology gap in the instructor-led activity market and therefore help more people enjoy being active.

This latest funding will go towards further development of upmysport’s online and mobile offerings, and to support the development of strategic partnership opportunities. The startup has remained London-centric to date, and is now expanding its reach. In its latest partnership, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust joins upmysport as a UK charity partner, giving the startup the opportunity to support underprivileged young people with their own active aims.

Tim Mills, investment director of Angel CoFund said: 'London has become an incredible breeding ground for tech startups but is also home to many people who are keen to learn new sports, build fitness or simply hone their talents. upmysport is focused on helping consumers navigate the challenging process of finding the right coaching and tuition, making it effortless to locate, evaluate and hire professionals to suit their needs. Their platform fits a real need in the market – both in terms of digitising the instructor-led activity market, but also in terms of enabling people to get more involved in sport and achieve the active lifestyle they want on the go.'

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Stephen Hughes Landers, the UK’s #1 ranked calisthenics athlete, is bringing calisthenics and street workout to FitPro LIVE for the first time. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the training methodologies of this exciting new sport from the country’s best practitioner. In this practical workshop Stephen will demonstrate the progressions and regressions needed to master the most iconic calisthenics move, the muscle up. Stephen will also provide details of his REPs accredited one-day Calisthenics for Fitness Professionals workshop, worth 6 CPD points, designed in partnership with training provider Sideways 8 Training.



There’s still time to book your ticket to this year’s FitPro Live if you haven’t already, visit for more information.

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Video Set 5162

With just three weeks to go FitPro Live (9th and 10th July) is set to be a highlight for industry professionals wanting to develop their skills and find out the latest industry news. There will be a wide range of sessions and talks on offer, aiming to inspiring and engage visitors.



A leader in forward-thinking fitness,Physical Company is delivering a range of highly energetic sessions for visitors at this year’s FitPro LIVE. UK master trainer Kelly Edwards will present two high-intensity classes – 3D XTREMETM and BOSU® On The Minute – to give PTs hundreds of new ways to use BOSU while getting their hearts racing. Kelly is joined by certified strength coach Jeremy Boyd, who will deliver two Triplex Untamed sessions. His integrated functional training session combines three of the best pieces of equipment in the Physical Company toolbox: RMT® Clubs, The Surge® and freeFORM Boards.  REPs members will be able to gain 3 CPD points for attending FitPro Live and then claim additional points* for attending SkillsActive endorsed training provider workshops and seminars, which can be logged on the Members Area.





BOSU 3D XTREME is an exciting new group fitness class created by titans of the international group scene: Jay Blahnik, Douglas Brooks, Candice Brooks, Julz Arney, Keli Roberts and Greg Sellar. The 50-minute high-intensity workout combines functional training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio and interactive team challenges to provide XTREME results.

When and Where?

3D XTREME: Thursday 9th July 10:45-12:15 Group X Room

BOSU® On The Minute: Friday 10th July 13:30-14:30  Group X Room

TRIPLEX UNTAMED: Thursday 9th July 15:00-16:15 and Friday 10th July 09:15 – 10:15 PT Workshop

On the stand


Physical Company will not add VAT to any orders taken at FitPro LIVE and will discount 30% off the trade price on all used equipment purchased after the sessions on Friday 10 July. In addition, Physical Company is inviting visitors to take part in a pull-up challenge for the chance to win £100 worth of Physical Company vouchers. Competitors will have 60 seconds to do as many pull-ups as they can and the winner at the end of the show will receive the voucher. Last year’s record stood at 58 pull-ups for men and 44 for women, so a bit of sneaky practise ahead of FitPro LIVE wouldn’t go amiss before you take the challenge on stand 84!

Places are limited for the classes, so ensure you don’t miss out by visiting


* Delegates are eligible for up to 13 REPs points for attending the education sessions at FitPro LIVE; up to eight (8) points for one day or thirteen (13) points for two days.


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Following on from my recent blog about information overload, I wanted to share the following story, told to me by one of my mentors a few years ago when I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of I felt I needed to learn, wondering how I would ever know as much as those I looked up to.

A brash tourist is on safari in Kenya. He asks his guide to take him to see a lion on his own so he can take photos up close.

“No no”, says the guide, “lion does not like photos”.

But the tourist insists he wants to get close to a lion and nags the guide until eventually he agrees to take him.

Before they set off, the guide takes a small rucksack from his truck and slings it on his back. The tourist briefly wonders what’s in the bag but thinks nothing more of it.

After walking for some time the guide spots a lion in the distance. “Take photo here” he says to the tourist.

“No, I want to get closer” the man replies.

“Too dangerous” the guide warns, but again the tourist argues and convinces the guide to go further towards the lion. So they carry on walking, the tourist with his camera, and the guide with his rucksack.

After another minute the guide stops. “Lion too close,” he whispers, “you must be quiet”.

“He won’t hear us” says the arrogant tourist loudly and begins setting up his camera, with all its clicks and whirrs.

“Uh oh”, says the guide, and the tourist looks up to see the lion has noticed the two men and is staring at them closely. Then it starts to take a few steps towards them.

“What do we do?” asks the tourist nervously.

With that, the guide quickly but calmly takes the rucksack off his back and out of it produces a pair of trainers, much to the tourist’s surprise.

“What are you thinking??” he exclaims, “you can’t outrun a lion!”

“I don’t need to outrun lion”, the guide replies coolly, “I just need to outrun you…”


As a personal trainer, there will always be other fitness professionals you aspire to be as good as, and you will likely always feel there is more to learn than you could ever know (that’s a good thing – it means you don’t get complacent). But don’t put undue pressure on yourself - you don’t need to be the world’s best trainer to be successful. Remember that as long as you are able to coach, educate and support your clients more than they could help themselves, you are offering them a valuable service.


Paul Swainson is Head of the Future Fit School of Personal Training, a role to which he brings over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. Having run his own personal training business and worked as a PT manager and tutor for some of the UK’s leading brands, his aim with the

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Nomination Phase Now Open for Fifth Annual Personal Trainers to Watch Competition


ROSEMONT, ILL., JUN. 1, 2015 – Today, Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, kicked off its search for the world’s best Personal Trainers to Watch. In partnership with leading global fitness organizations, including the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), EuropeActive, Life Fitness Academy and the American Council on Exercise® (ACE®), the fifth annual Personal Trainers to Watch program recognizes and rewards elite trainers around the world who embody the same passion and commitment to the profession as Life Fitness. Nominations will be collected from June 1-July 15, and the top 10 finalists will compete in a live global competition in Fall 2015 to determine the winner.

“The Personal Trainers to Watch program seeks the best in the profession, and is our way of recognizing those who share our passion for helping people live healthier, more active lives,” said Chris Clawson, president of Life Fitness. “The 2014 program was truly an international competition, and this year, we are excited to reach even more personal trainers across the globe.”



Nominations Open


Anyone can visit between June 1 and July 15, 2015, to nominate a personal trainer who supports a powerful vision, shows exemplary commitment to enhancing client experiences and pursues continuing education for mastery of the profession. Nominees will be judged on leadership, client motivation, inspiration, certifications and previous recognitions.

The top 10 finalists will be invited to the final round of live judging in the fall, where they will be immersed in popular training techniques and fitness equipment. To nominate a personal trainer and to view official program rules, visit starting June 1. Nominations are limited to one entry per person; however, trainers can be nominated by multiple people.




All finalists will receive an expense-paid trip for the final judging event, a continuing education course credit from Life Fitness Academy, international recognition and a personalized award plaque. The grand prize winner will also receive $5,000 USD toward his or her personal training business.

“I am beyond humbled and grateful to have been a part of the Personal Trainers to Watch program and to have been given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn and compete with the best trainers in the world,” said Cristiano S. Parente, 2014 Personal Trainer to Watch winner. “Winning the award has lifted up my business and pushed me to become an even stronger, healthier and more successful trainer. I encourage all my colleagues to enter this prestigious competition to shine a global spotlight on the industry and their training expertise.”




The Personal Trainers to Watch program will be judged by six esteemed fitness industry experts:

  • Richard Beddie – chair of ICREPs and CEO of Fitness New Zealand
  • Anthony J. Wall – director of professional education for ACE
  • László Zopcsák – member of the Standards Council of EuropeActive
  • Kim Ingleby – 2013 Personal Trainer to
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Total Fitness have announced a partnership with Pulse Fitness, to continue a multi-million pound investment across its 17 clubs. The new kit to be installed for exercisers consists of spin bikes, cardio pieces, rowers, strength machines, a full refurbishment of Hammer Kit, plus brand new Functional Training Areas, including Functional Training Rigs. To introduce the latest equipment to members, Total Fitness will hold a variety of charity challenges, special classes and induction sessions. Several of the clubs will also undergo a completely new layout for a more spacious, comfortable training environment.

Craig Battersby, Company Fitness Co-ordinator, managed the deal with Pulse Fitness, saying ‘After a very successful refurbishment of our new Wrexham club, we were very impressed with the quality, service and delivery of the Pulse Fitness equipment and are excited to be delivering the next stage of the Total Fitness investment plan together. The Pulse Fitness kit compliments Total Fitness vision of offering the highest standard of fitness expertise to our members and the best training facilities whatever your level or goal.’

Total Fitness has 17 sites across the North of England and Wales, for more information go to

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Virtuagym, the leading Dutch provider of fitness software for fitness clubs and personal trainers, has announced it has signed a deal with industry leader Fitness First Germany. Virtuagym’s all-in-one software solution will be implemented in their new concept, ReLevel.

The cooperation with Virtuagym is focussed on their second brand, ReLevel, which is a completely new and specialised concept in Germany. Christophe Collinet, Chief Strategy Officer at Fitness First said: 'We had an extensive pre-selection process and determined that Virtuagym delivered what we needed for ReLevel, especially when it came to user experience. In a time where consumers are used to high quality software experience, it made sense for us to work with Virtuagym, as they have proven to be succesful in both the consumer and the professional market.'

For Virtuagym, which has been growing rapidly these past years, 2015 will be a year focused on further international expansion. Virtuagym already supports over 1300 businesses in the health and fitness industry in over 20 countries worldwide, including several clubs in Germany. Germany is the second-largest fitness market in Europe, and as such provides the company with great opportunities for expansion.


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A recent study confirmed that inactivity is twice as likely to lead to an early death than obesity, with the research revealing that people who engaged in moderate levels of daily exercise were 16% to 30% less likely to die than their inactive counterparts.

The study, which looked at the effects of obesity and exercise on 300,000 European men and women over a course of 12 years, has shown that a brisk 20 minute walk every day is all it takes to counteract the risk of premature death. Study leader Professor Ulf Ekelund from the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at Cambridge University said: 'This is a simple message: just a small amount of physical activity each day could have substantial health benefits for people who are physically inactive.' are using these interesting stats to encourage men and women, adults and children to get moving, and find a local dance class via their online platform. Providing a comprehensive range of dance classes available in a range of different styles, showcases ballet and ballroom to Zumba and jazz, with classes helping to develop fitness levels, tone the body, trim the waistline and above all, counteract the risk of premature death due to inactivity.

Find out more at

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Amer Sports brands Precor and Suunto have announced the integration of Preva and Suunto’s online sports community, Movescount, allowing users to access and record indoor cardio equipment-based workouts, as well as outdoor exercise in Preva, making it easier for exercisers to track progress towards fitness goals, whether they opt to hit the treadmill, or their local park.

At the gym, Preva automatically captures workouts on any networked Precor 880 line cardio equipment, whilst the Preva Mobile App can record strength and functional training. For workouts outside of the gym, exercisers can sync to Preva via either or the Suunto Movescount Mobile App. A Suunto sports watch can track outdoor sport activities and relay information including heart rate, speed, elevation and recovery rate.

Jonathan Griffiths, Precor UK Marketing Manager, said: 'We know people don’t train exclusively in the gym or outdoors, they do both. Knowing this, we wanted to give fitness enthusiasts a way to track their indoor and outdoor training effectively and help them follow their progress. By connecting Movescount and Preva, exercisers can work towards their fitness goals regardless of where they train.'

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Insanity creators Beachbody LIVE have now released UK based instructor training workshops for their brand new workout – a yoga and Pilates inspired fusion called PiYo LIVE. Described as a strength and stretch based routine, the sessions are designed to give attendees an intense calorie burn as well as sculpt and firm the body.

PiYo LIVE is a full-body,  strength and stretch format which can be taught in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Unlike many branded workout formats, PiYo LIVE requires no equipment and no gym license fees and can be taught either in a gym or out in the community by official instructors.  PiYo LIVE branding and marketing materials are available to instructors and gyms and can be personalised for promotion of classes.

Instructor workshops will cost £199, with the teaching sessions including eight hours of training (in the format of lectures, workouts and practicals with Master Trainers), instructions for pre-designed workouts of various lengths as well as technique and coaching pointers, modification options and how to build a group fitness class community. Your instructor certificate will be valid for 12 months, which will also give you access to the official PiYo LIVE interactive manual and online introductory workout, with options to upgrade to receive more ongoing workouts every other month.

PiYo LIVE workshops are taking place at locations throughout the UK.  For a complete schedule, to learn more about the format, and to enrol in the workshop, go to

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