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Over 100,000 people have visited the REPs website in 2013, so make sure you upload your profile and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to promote yourself to thousands!

So what exactly is the Member Directory Profile and what’s included?

This is your space on the REPs website, giving you a platform to showcase your skills and qualities.

There is room for you to really sell yourself. In this section you could talk about your specialities, location, training and experience.

The Profile allows members of the public to search for registered instructors. Having been advised to work with REPs members, it is likely this will be their catalogue when looking for a new exercise professional.

You can even be contacted (via an email) directly through your Profile without having to share your contact details with the public.

It allows you to add a picture, links to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn pages as well as your YouTube channel if you have one. There is also an icon available to link to your website.

Your registration details will also be displayed, including categories of registration and your expiry date.

Here’s a sneaky peak of how your Profile can look.


You will also be able to update your privacy settings, allowing you to choose which pieces of information you wish to display; providing full control of your personal details on the Directory.

So why not Login now to complete your Directory Profile and maximise your potential?!

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There is the unique opportunity for fitness trainers to run classes in the beautiful surroundings of the famous Royal Parks. Having a vision of where you would like to train is important, however it is necessary for fitness professionals to understand the current licensing laws that may affect your business.

The Royal Parks have recently introduced Fitness Training Licences for the use of their green spaces. Places affected include Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park, Bushy Park and Green Park. This means that if you would like to use these places for personal training or to run group fitness sections, you must apply for a license. The Royal Parks encourages the highest quality from their fitness professionals. To be a licence holder you will need REPs level 3 or equivalent. Your business will then be promoted on their website and social media channels.

The table below gives you the charges for the daily, weekly and yearly rates.

table 1

The website already displays the groups and individuals who are currently in possession of a licence. These include various boot camps; from military style to 1000 calorie boot camps, classes for mums; mums in shape, buggy boot camp and Buggy Runner, Kiddikicks Sport and running classes.

Click here if you are interested in finding out more about the Fitness Training Licences.

Image Credit:, and

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REPs Member Fiona Snailham

I recently signed up to a coaching course run by UK Athletics, the intention being to incorporate my love of running into my work as a personal trainer.  The (expertly delivered) course commenced with a group discussion about the need for a coach to be ‘athlete centred’; setting aside his or her own goals to focus on the needs and desires of the athlete being trained.  I left the first morning of the course considering the cross over between the central role granted to these hypothetical athletes and the way in which we, as personal trainers, position our own clients.

I have to be honest with you - had I been asked about client centred practise when I first qualified, I would have made a comment about writing an individualised programme and left things at that.  Today, however, I’d like to think I have a slightly better insight into what it really means. Although bespoke programmes are an essential part of the work we do, client centredness is not just about being able to write periodised session plans that have been tailored to your client’s goals. 

An equally important part of our work, I believe, comes from a softer skillset – the trainer’s ability (and desire) to consider the motivating factors behind the goal that the client set him/herself before coming to their very first session.  It is this understanding that enables us to couch any discussion about the client’s training in appealing language that will encourage them to persist even when times get tough. 

Take, as an extreme example, the obese client who approaches the PT wanting to lose 2 stone within a fortnight.  Clearly, the time scale that they have set is not realistic.  As PTs, we have three options; (a) we could agree that the client needs to lose weight, write a fat loss plan, take their cash and then watch them fail to achieve their goal then give up on personal training; (b) we could tell them that they are being unrealistic and wave goodbye as they head off to find another PT who will take option (a); or (c) we could put them at the centre of the experience – talk to them about their past weight loss experiences, discuss their current goal and ask them why they want to achieve it in such a short period of time. 

Opening up such a discussion usually gives the PT an insight into the way in which the client is thinking and often offers a pathway towards resolving the imbalance between reality and expectation.  In the case in question, it turned out that the client had read about a celebrity’s rapid (and arguably unattainable) weight loss in a gossip magazine and wanted to achieve the same before a family event.  Talking about the reason for the timescale and the underlying motivating factor (having her family see her lead a healthier life) we were able to open up a discussion about the pros/cons of

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Exercise professionals can often compromise their health and well-being because of the pressures they face in trying to embody the image their own clients are trying to achieve. Although the welfare and safety of clients are of the utmost importance, the industry must promote the importance of exercise professionals’ health.

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) which regulates the fitness industry, ensuring that exercise professionals in the UK meet the National Occupational Standards for the knowledge, competencies and skills required to perform their roles, is urging fitness professionals to look after themselves. REPs believes that if professionals are in good health, they will be in a position to give the best possible advice to their clients.

It is something of an open secret that there are fitness instructors suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, with some imposing strict fasting regimes on themselves and using laxatives, and others suffering from overdependence on exercise - all in the name of encapsulating and projecting a certain image. And let’s not forget that instructors tend to work up to 12-hour days, carrying out energetic, back-to-back fitness sessions. In so doing, they will have to eat a certain amount of food in order to sustain their energy levels throughout their working day. However, on their days off, their bodies will still crave the amount of food they would normally eat on their working day in anticipation for fitness sessions. This can be a problem because if instructors indulge in that amount of food on a day off, they might feel guilty and then take measures to reduce the impact of this.

We all know that our bodies need a certain amount of nutrients in order to function properly. For exercise professionals to be able to perform consistently at optimum levels and to be able to do so safely, they need to be mindful of their nutritional intake. Food from the four major food groups should be incorporated: chicken, fish, meat or a vegetarian option, such as beans; vegetables and fruit; cereal foods such as rice, pasta, bread; diary foods and an adequate amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals which play a vital role by supporting the systems in the body and energy production. The major food groups provide these.
Neglecting on certain food groups can be dangerous. For example, a lack of calcium and iron - two minerals that merit extra attention for people with eating disorders, can lead to osteoporosis and anaemia. In short, a balanced diet is crucial for maintaining enough energy to fuel training sessions carried out by instructors.

The sensitive nature of the issue means the lack of evidence is unsurprising, but fitness professionals are not exempt from suffering from eating disorders. REPs has guidelines on best practice which includes health and fitness advice for instructors and their clients. We would urge anyone who is concerned about a client or colleague to read those guidelines.

Now, with summer

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Leon headshot

REPs Member Leon Melnicenko

Stand yourself in front of the mirror, any mirror will do. Now repeat these words: “Am I making fitness fun for my clients?” Or better still: “Do I even know how to make fitness fun for my clients?”. Two years ago I asked myself the very same questions, my group and PT sessions had taken on a whole new level of boring and I knew that for my own sanity, things had to change. I wanted to have fun doing what I loved. I spent the next 6 months researching, planning, and thinking up new ideas that would serve my new found goal and give my sessions a whole new lease of life.

I came up with a very simple four step plan for designing a fun and interesting workout.

Step 1: Decide on the training methods needed to meet the client’s goal

Step 2: Design the workout

Step 3: Add the fun/challenging element

Step 4: Adjust the programme to ensure it suits the abilities of the client or clients (especially important to consider this when planning a group session)

I’m pretty sure that by now you have got Steps 1, 2 and 4 covered, so let’s address step 3. Here are some great ideas that I came up with that enabled me to begin injecting life back in to my workouts.

  • Introduction of solo and group games
  • Timed events  - Players race against themselves and gain points for every second they beat their original time by
  • Creative PT/Group circuits
  • Creative finisher drills
  • High Intensity interval training using the fun whistle method (individuals switch exercises when the whistle is blown)
  • Team/Individual challenges – using dice,  a deck of cards, whistles, coins, tennis balls, ropes, tyres etc
  • Team interaction drills – techniques to get the team interacting and having fun
  • Team/Individual movement drills – creative ways to move locations when out and about.

These are just a handful of the methods that I deploy to ensure that every single session is fun, unique and interesting. Take the time to plan your workouts carefully and make sure you have all the essentials covered before you start. These are some of the things that I take into account whilst in the planning phase.

  • Health and safety - First aid kit, checking the safety of equipment and chosen training environment, appropriate and valid REPs insurance, assessing PAR Qs, storing medications etc.
  • Exercise restrictions – dealing with clients who are restricted or recovering from injury, pregnancy etc
  • The introduction for new clients within a group setting – putting them at ease, reassurance, encouragement etc

Your imagination is the key to succeeding in the fitness industry, if something isn’t working you then have the courage to change it, I did.

After leaving the Royal Marines 12 months ago to pursue a career in fitness, Leon set up an outdoor fitness service called Sound Fitness Team Training. He lives in Plymouth with his wife, stepson and two dogs. Leon has recently started a

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reps stand 3

First of all we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended the REPs South East Convention! We really hope you enjoyed your day (or days) and we really look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming weeks.

Secondly, not to worry if you couldn’t attend as we’ve got a great round up for you of all the events and workshops that happened over the two-day convention!

Eileen Alger and Ricardo EdwardsREPs members Eileen Alger and Ricardo Edwards upon their arrival to the South East Convention

Wow! What an exciting and busy two days it was! Both days started off with a great introduction from John Byers, who ran the convention, followed by a REPs update from Rebecca Weissbort, External Liaison Manager for REPs.

It was fantastic to have the support of our sponsors, Kinectica and Shock Absorber, who gave a great speech on the importance of sports bras and how to tackle the subject with your clients.

There were a total of 24 workshops for our delegates to get their teeth stuck in to.

Day 1

Highlights included Lincoln Byrden  Metabolic Physique Conditioning, Exercise Anywhere Exerpoling, KBTEducation Advanced weightlifting & functional training and of course the key note speech delivered by Dr Ian Campbell : “Weight loss – What works, what doesn’t and why!” – His speech was followed by a very lively Q&A session debating opinions on the 5:2 diet and high intensity training in regards to weight management!

We went along to Exercise Anywhere Exerpoling, which seemed like great fun for all those involved in the session! The session was lead by Nordic Walking UK and was aimed at PTs wanting to use poles to create an outdoor full body workout experience similar to a cross training machine but didn’t want to have to spend time teaching the full Nordic Walking technique!

nordic blogRep’s members Tali Swart and Nadia Pavlof taking part in the Exerpoling Session

nordic lungesReps members warming up during the Exerpoling session

Here’s what REPs member Danny Barker had to say on the session: “I really enjoyed this session. It’s something I’ve never done before but as I live in rural area it’s something I wanted to get involved in as I feel it could really benefit me and my clients.”

We got speaking to a few of our members over both days and here’s what they had to say.

Here we have Monika Zalewska who attended Advanced weightlifting & functional training. 

Advanced weightlifting & functional training - Monika Zalewska2

“I love weight lifting as it gives me the best results for my body! I thought the session was really great! Very informative and Professional!”

Leigh Aliss“I came along to convention last November and thought it was a great day so why not come again, and I’m glad I did as I found the day really interesting. I thought the key note speech raised some great points about weight loss and weight management, especially the fact that there is no magic pill that may work!”

We also spoke to Reps

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It’s no secret that exercise is suggested to help with a variety of human issues, right from treating depression to improving memory. In particular, recent research suggests exercise leads to the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that alleviates pain, both physical and mental. Much of the research done in this area focuses on running, but all types of aerobic exercise can provide benefits. 

So, can exercise really make you feel significantly better mentally?

Findings published in the scientific research journal, Psychology, suggest that physical exhaustion can cause a reduction in a person’s fear levels, for example the fear of flying. In a recent experiment the efficiency of intense aerobic exercise approaching physical exhaustion was investigated as an effective part of therapy for reduction of an individual’s fear reaction.

The study had a total of ten participants, five male and five female aged 30 – 40 years old. All were pre-tested before exercising to verify their current fear levels.  Subjects met in a gym within a one-week period with three sessions of intense aerobic exercise, with a one day rest period after each session. 

The intense aerobic exercises were delivered by different experts in their respective fields. During the intense aerobic exercise, the subjects utilised all of the equipment available inside the gym, up to the point of their exhaustion. The sessions lasted for 2 to 3 hours. The participants were then post-tested after exercising to determine the possible change of their fear level, using a pre-established Fear Questionnaire. 

Findings showed that there was a significant reduction in participants’ levels of fear through physical exhaustion by the use of intense aerobic exercises. See results below. 

ImageEven though this research is in the early stages of development, it is a clear indication that exercise has the power to alleviate fear and calls on a need for further research in the area.

Other studies have also looked into the idea of physical exhaustion as a form of treatment of anxiety. Ströhie et al. (2005) demonstrated in an experiment that aerobic exercise is effective in treating panic and panic attacks. They used aerobic exercise for 30 minutes at 70% of maximum oxygen consumption.

To read the research in full please visit the scientific research journal’s website.  

Ströhle, S., Feller, C., Godemann, F., Heinz, A., Onken, M., & Dimeo, F. (2005). The acute anti-panic activity of aerobic exercise. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162, 2376-2378

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Motivation and goal setting play two very important roles in the fitness industry. Whether it’s working up to the next level of weights, achieving a quicker time, upping your bench press or getting fitter for a holiday, everyone needs something to drive them on.

As an exercise professional, your members look to you for inspiration, setting realistic aspirations and challenges.

Everyone has their own individual way of pushing themselves. Many prefer to have a goal to aim for. This can give the necessary boost of enthusiasm to put in that extra bit of effort. Marathons, fun runs and other sponsored events fulfil this role splendidly.

The Fit in Kit Charity Challenge is a brand new charity event which is fun, challenging and rewarding. Best of all you get to support the challenge in your own work kit.

The fitness event supports ‘Hounds for Heroes’ that provides specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled members of the armed forces and emergency services.

Gyms around the country are invited to take part as well as sports clubs, barracks, squadrons and emergency services.

‘Fit in Kit’ takes place on 29th June at Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth. Activities are designed for differing levels of fitness, as well as fun pursuits for children and dog walkers! Groups are also encouraged to set up their own events.

Why not use this time to get fit along with your members and kit up to support this fantastic challenge?

For more information visit:

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winners and runners up

Congratulations to the winners of The National Finals of the brand new Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) Fitness Trainer Competition, which were held last Thursday at St George’s Park, Burton-Upon-Trent.

Jordan Hopes, from City College Norwich was named winner of the Level 2 Fitness Instructor – Gym category. Phil Lant of the College of West Anglia and Danielle Lines of Hartlepool College were awarded second and third places.

Toby Williamson, from Petroc was named the best in the Level 3 Personal Trainer category. Eloise Head of Brockenhurst and Stuart MacDonald of Birmingham Met came second and third.

The twelve finalists competed in the two categories to be crowned top trainers and to lift the coveted 2013 CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition trophy, which was set up by CYQ in collaboration with British Colleges Sport (BCS). It was hailed as a huge success by organisers, competitors and judges.

REPs was delighted to support the CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition by awarding the winners and runners-up one year’s free REPs membership.

The competition was judged by a team of expert industry professionals. Winners have also won the opportunity to undertake a weeks’ work experience at Perform St George’s Park.

It was a great opportunity for competitors to apply their learning, knowledge and skills in a controlled environment. The experience will enhance their CV and further prepare them for employment. Contests of this nature can only help to improve standards in the industry and be of benefit to participants.


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REPs is excited to support the National Finals of the brand new Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) Fitness Trainer Competition, which is being held at St George’s Park, Burton-Upon-Trent this Thursday (2nd May). The National Final will see the winners of each of eleven BCS regional heats, chosen from the hundreds who originally entered, compete against each other on this final day of competition.

This competition has been set up by CYQ in collaboration with British Colleges Sport (BCS). Fitness students from further education colleges across the UK will be competing in two competitions under the CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition umbrella: Level 2 Fitness Instructor – Gym and Level 3 Personal Trainer.

REPs is delighted to support the CYQ Fitness Trainer Competition by awarding the winners and runners-up one year’s free REPs membership. Competitors are judged by a team of expert industry professionals.

Contests of this nature can only serve to raise the standards of individuals who graduate with recognised qualifications. The hard work and dedication of competitors and the excellence demonstrated by the winners can only help to improve standards in the industry and be of benefit to participants.

It is hoped that this opportunity for competitors to apply their learning, knowledge and skills within a creative and challenging environment will provide an experience to enhance their CV and further prepare them for employment.


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[caption id="attachment_1875" align="aligncenter" width="510"]Report Title Picture 'Start Active, Stay Active' Report issued by ([/caption]

In 2011, the four Chief Medical Officers (CMO) of the UK jointly issued recommendations for the levels of physical activity of our population.

They stated that:

  • Children of pre-school age (under 5 years old), who are capable of walking unaided, should be active for at least 180 minutes spread throughout the day
  • Children and young people aged 5-18 should be active at a moderate to vigorous intensity for at least 60 minutes or more a day
  • Adults aged 19-64 should aim to be active daily. Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more
  • Older adults aged 65 and over should aim to be active daily. Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more

Achieving the CMO’s guidelines can bring about major health benefits.  Even relatively small increases in physical activity are associated with some protection against chronic diseases and may improve quality of life.

In 2010, approximately 47% of adults were inactive, i.e. doing less than 30 minutes of activity a week.  There is a need to increase levels of physical activity across the whole population, and especially for those who lead sedentary lifestyles.

Being active is about moving more in any way which fits into our lives.  From walking and cycling as part of everyday life, to exercising in a gym, playing sports, or just tidying up the garden. Even small changes can make a difference.

Read more about CMO guidelines in Start Active, Stay Active.

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Last week the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s (IHRSA) 32nd Annual International Convention & Tradeshow took place in Las Vegas.

During the four exciting days of conference REPs UK was represented by its Registrar Jean-Ann Marnoch, who addressed the IHRSA delegates in three sessions.

The first session “National Registers and International Recognition of Fitness Professionals” was co-presented by the Chair of the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) Richard Beddie. During the talk they explained how individual training providers can gain accreditation by ICREPs in order to get recognition in countries without an ICREPs National Register membership.

The focus of the second and third session was on how to set up a Register and what benefits it holds - “Certification, a global perspective” and “Developing National Instructor Registration System: What you need to know”.

The sessions were very well received and even inspired several international organisations to set up their own Registers!

This is very good news and means that we’re one step closer to increased international recognition and a global accreditation of our members.

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Screenshot REPs Mini Modules

Recently we have launched a brilliant tool called Mini Modules, which enables REPs members to quickly become an expert in certain areas and to earn up to 4 CPD points a year.

Modules are provided by REPs approved training providers and are free to complete online. Currently we’re offering a great variety from “Exercise for Ultimate Fat Loss – Myths and Misunderstandings” and “The Muscular System” to “Food Labelling” and “Healthy Eating Guidelines”.

Completing them you can achieve 4 of your CPD points a year (1 CPD point per module).

Visit our website and see which Mini Module you could take today!

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vitality show

The second year in a row the Register for Exercise Professionals was represented with a stand at the Vitality Show in London. It is the UK’s largest health, beauty and fitness event, which takes place at Earls Court.

We had a fantastic team of qualified personal trainers consulting the public and providing them with inspiration, encouragement and help for healthy lifestyle choices. In a competition we gave away personal trainer sessions for the visitors to win, which was a huge success and drew their attention to REPs.

The REPs stand was perceived as a great meeting point for existing REPs members and for the exercise professionals of the future, our students in training, as it offered an ideal space to network and to receive professional advice.

This year’s Vitality Show offered a great framework for the Register to further establish REPs image in the public eye and to communicate its benefits to potential members.

We’ll hope to see everyone again in the next year!

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The International Confederation of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) admitted the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) as its first North American member, which represents 10,000 exercise professionals in Canada.

Richard Beddie, ICREPs chair, said he is very happy with the outcome as the demand for independent registration bodies increases steadily. He stressed this move as timely and important as many training providers in Canada and around the world are trying to establish an accreditation system, but ICREPs only recognises the registers that work independently of training providers.

Following are ICREPs key criteria for independent registers to join:

  • Non-profit legal entity
  • Operating independently from training providers and exercise facilities
  • Operating a register on a national level
  • Supported by the industry

REPs UK is part of ICREPs, which is a membership based organisation with members operating in four continents, over seven countries, and collectively register over 60,000 individual exercise professionals.

Jean-Ann Marnoch (REPs UK Registrar) stated “We are very excited that Canada is joining ICREPs and look forward to the mapping of our standards to facilitate the reciprocal arrangements so that our members will be able to work in Canada.”

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We’re delighted to announce that REPs UAE has achieved full membership of the relevant global organisation for national fitness registers. Following a rigorous application process REPs UAE was admitted to ICREPs at a major global fitness convention in the United States.

REPs UAE Chief Executive Naser Al Tamimi and Technical Director Ben Gittus attended the annual IHRSA convention in Las Vegas from 18 - 21 March. At the convention REPs UAE were able to present the application for full membership of ICREPs in person. The ICREPs Board who took the decision to admit REPs UAE includes representatives of fitness registers in UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

REPs UAE can also announce that Richard Beddie, CEO of Fitness New Zealand and Chair of ICREPs will join a new 'REPs UAE Oversight Committee' which will oversee general running of the register and confirm REPs UAE operates on a non-profit basis.

Global acceptance as a high quality fitness register is a key milestone in the development of REPs UAE. Working with partners including Dubai Sports Council REPs UAE will continue the drive to increase and maintain standards of instruction in the UAE fitness industry.

REPs UAE Chief Executive Mr Naser Al Tamimi said 'I was very pleased to attend IHRSA 2013 in Las Vegas and interact with the global fitness industry and the other fitness registers from around the world. Full membership of ICREPs confirms REPs UAE is being set up in line with global best practice and allows us to move ahead with increasing professionalism in UAE fitness and promote exercise to the community'.

Richard Beddie, Chair of ICREPs said 'it is fantastic that we have been able to admit REPs UAE as a full member, we look forward to working with them to improve industry standards in UAE, the wider region and the world. On a personal level, I am delighted to join a committee to support the operation of REPs UAE'.

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We are afraid to announce that the new Level 4 Strength and Conditioning category will not be available from the 1st April, as previously mentioned. However, rest assured that we are working hard to have it ready in the coming months.

The new category is being created following significant demand from REPs members, for a new Level 4 role amongst Personal Trainers. This will allow them to reach the highest level of their profession (without needing a specialism in a medical area).

This category will be available to REPs instructors who have achieved the UK Strength & Conditioning Association UKSCA accreditation, which supports employability via this route.

An instructor will require a prerequisite of the Level 3 Personal Trainer Category on

We will keep you updated and let you know as soon as the New Category is ready for you to sign up for.

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This year our South East Convention is taking place on Wednesday 15 May and Thursday 16 May at Raynes Park, David Lloyd in London. Simply follow this link to book your place now.

Entry fee for each day is £45 for REPs members (£60 for non-members) and this includes refreshments and a buffet lunch.

The 2 day Convention is the perfect opportunity to keep on top of your Continued Professional Development this spring and gain valuable CPD points.

Both days, doors open at 9.15am, with sessions starting at 10.00am and concluding at 4.00pm. Both days will also have keynote presentations from some inspiring fitness professionals.



Day 1

  • Keynote presentation on “Weight Loss – What Works, What Doesn't and Why!” Led by Dr Ian Campbell from TV's The Biggest Loser.
  • 12 interactive and informative workshops, including: "Advanced Weightlifting & Functional Training", "Move More - Physical Activity and Cancer" and "Bulgarian Bag Training".

Day 2

  • Keynote presentation on "Great Trainers: Born or Made?" from Fred Hoffman, author of “Going Global: An Expert’s Guide to Working Abroad in the Fitness Industry”.
  • Another 12 great workshops including: "Metabolic Training using Ropes and Bands", "Dynamax Med Balls" and "Integrated Bodyweight Training".

We really hope that you can make it as we’re sure that it’s going to be an informative and fun-filled couple of days!

For more information on what’s on offer follow this link.




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Nichola Curran, Founder and Director of Evolve Leisure, speaks about how the introduction of new Health and Wellbeing Boards will benefit public health and offer a great opportunity for fitness professionals.


There is a big shake-up on its way concerning public health. From April 1st onwards, new Health and Wellbeing Boards are being introduced with ring fenced health budgets for local communities. Their aim will be to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities and reduce health inequalities.

This new approach to public health offers a great opportunity for fitness professionals who are qualified to offer exercise referral. As we all know exercise can do wonders for our health and wellbeing and the introduction of these new boards gives us a great opportunity to really become part of the conversation. We in the fitness industry need to open up to the idea of engaging with local government and GPs. This way, we can really shape the health and wellbeing agenda.

The Health and Wellbeing Boards are very much up for meeting and engaging with the public. They have a duty to meet their targets to improve local health outcomes. If fitness professionals can successfully prove the importance and effectiveness of exercise then there is a real chance that partnerships can be forged.

We in the exercise profession understand the benefits of exercise. However there is often a lack of understanding, amongst both the public and the medical profession regarding just how effective exercise can be in treating a range of ailments. For example, exercise can help combat diabetes, obesity, depression, stress, arthritis, high blood pressure…the list goes on.

Exercise can often be just as good as prescribed medicine in battling a range of health issues. As we know, prevention is often better than cure, so make sure to look out for ways in which you can engage with your local Health and Wellbeing Board. Its important to remember that we as fitness professionals are well placed to offer advice which can improve the health of our nation whilst potentially saving the NHS money.

Nichola Curran will be at the REPs South East Convention on both days and will be speaking more about this subject. To see Nichola and a whole host of other speakers, book your place now!

Also, to view Nichola’s webinar on the changes taking place, follow this link


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