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working in fitness

REPs, the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP) and SkillsActive are delighted to be working in partnership to launch the Working in Fitness 2014 survey.

Launching today (23rd October 2014), the Sport England supported Working in Fitness survey will remain open until 5th December.

Commenting on this new partnership Head of Membership for REPs Greg Small said:

“Working in Fitness will prove an invaluable tool as we continue to safeguard the public, ensure exercise professionals feel empowered to progress and that we can offer a structured career pathway to this committed group of professionals.

“The best way to improve our understanding and knowledge of the fitness industry is to engage directly on the key issues, and this is exactly what Working in Fitness 2014 is doing. I am delighted that our partnership with EMDP allows us to do this.

“I encourage as many REPs members as possible to complete the survey – the more information we obtain, the stronger we can become.”

The 2014 survey, the largest and most extensive of its kind, is open to the fitness industry’s entire workforce, covering a host of key issues including:

• Training
• Career pathways
• Earning potential
• Professional development and much more.

Daran Bennet, CEO of the Exercise, Movement & Dance Partnership, added:

“We are pleased to be partnering with REPs and SkillsActive on this extensive piece of insight. Gathering the thoughts and feelings from a vast array of fitness professionals is going to be extremely enlightening. The Working in Fitness survey will aid us in expanding and growing both capacity and quality in our dynamic, inspiring sector. We’re certainly looking forward to the results and the positive outcomes that follow. I urge all those who love working in fitness to complete the survey to help improve your sector.”

Access the survey here.

The full report will be available early 2015.

To keep up to date with the research just follow the hashtag #HaveYourSay on twitter and if yould would like more information on Working in Fitness, please get in touch with our marketing team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Rachel Hobbs

From all corners of the globe fitness professionals have been submitting their entries to Life Fitness’s Personal Trainers to Watch Competition, and whilst entrants may come from the United States to South Africa and New Zealand to right here in the UK, the Life Fitness top 10 Personal Trainers to Watch finalists are united in their commitment to exceptional leadership, client support, motivation and inspiration.

The top 10 elite finalists, including REPs member Rachel Hobbs, will be meeting tomorrow at the DavidBartonGym – Astor Place in New York City to compete for the title of the world’s best Personal Trainer to Watch.

On the eve of the final we spoke with Rachel, who has been a REPs member for the past 8 years, to find out how she was feeling:

REPs: Firstly congratulations on reaching the final you must be ecstatic! So what would winning this competition mean to you?

Rachel: Winning the competition would be lovely, but I am honoured to have made the top 10. To be recognised by industry experts as someone who is passionate about improving the lives of others through top quality training and nutrition is wonderful. I love my job and work from early in the morning until late at night, balancing it with caring for my young family, powerlifting for Great Britain and studying; it is tough but vey worth it.

REPs: Why did you decide to enter the LifeFitness Personal Trainer to Watch Competition?

Rachel: It was the gym manager at Surrey Sports Park where I train my clients that discussed the competition with me. I thought it would be a great way to meet other professionals in the industry, to share training and fitness ideas, to encourage not only individuals to get involved with fitness but also show what a rewarding career it is.

REPS: So do you have a particular story or client that is most memorable or really had an impact on you as a personal trainer?

Rachel: All of my clients inspire me, whether it is overcoming an eating disorder, running a marathon, winning a gold medal in their sport or overcoming bad habits and forming more healthy ones. It is simply great to be able to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on client’s and their families lives.

REPs: And finally what made you want to have a career in fitness?

Rachel: I have always had a passion for sport, health and fitness but it was after I had my son and struggled with postpartum depression and disordered eating that training became my therapy. I ran a marathon for charity 5 months after his birth and realized the amazing benefits that exercise training has on the body and mind. It was then I decided to pursue a career that combined my love for fitness with supporting individuals gain the monumental physical, psychological and emotional benefits that regular exercise has on health and wellbeing.

Now in its fourth year, the Personal Trainers to Watch programme recognises

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pt help

‘Abs are made in the kitchen, but glutes are made in the gym’.

The industry has long debated the relative importance of nutrition versus exercise when it comes to improvements in health and aesthetics (for the record, both are clearly key no matter what your goals), but there’s one key point that until recently we’ve overlooked:

Those doing the debating are health and fitness enthusiasts.

We’re the trainers, ‘gym bunnies’ and athletes who love exercise and nutritious food. We’re the motivated ones who don’t need any convincing. What about our clients? Or the people that aren’t even working with us yet?

Most people don’t share our exercise and health mentality, as demonstrated by various papers and studies such as uk active’s Turning the Tide of Inactivity report.

I remember reading about a survey a few years ago which reported that, even if they knew it would increase the length of their life, 47% of people in this country would not be motivated to do more physical activity. “Brits would rather die than do exercise” was the rather sensationalist headline, but it illustrates the point - you can be the most technically competent and qualified personal trainer in the world with intricate knowledge of the latest exercise techniques and cutting edge nutrition research, but if you can’t get your client to actually do their programme or follow your advice they won’t get results.

It’s strikingly obvious and we’ve known it all along of course, but too often we’ve wondered why clients haven’t made progress, perhaps blamed them for not being motivated, or been too quick to say ‘well all I can do is tell them what to do’. You can lead a horse to water and all that…

Let’s take a step back. What’s our role as a personal trainer? Isn’t it to support our clients to achieve their goals in the most effective way we can? There is still a perception of personal training being all about ‘tailored exercise plans’ which, although a marked step forward from the stereotypical image of a muscle-bound young man shouting at someone whilst they sweat away on a treadmill, is quite a narrow view. Things have moved on.

The reality is that it’s about addressing all the areas necessary to reach those goals; fundamentally that’s nutrition, other lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress, as well as exercise/physical activity. More specifically, it’s about effective behavior change in those areas.

The key to success is therefore not just technical knowledge in the topics above but first and foremost a sound understanding of client psychology and motivational skills to help your clients actually make the changes they need to. This is why the term ‘coaching’ has become a buzz word in the industry - simply instructing isn’t as effective when it comes to changing behavior.

The ‘fitness’ industry versus the ‘change’ industry

In today’s fitness world then, the responsibility for motivating clients over the long term, not just in the hour you’re with them, has to

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Well it certainly has been a few days for all of the team here at REPs!

First of all we’d just like to say thank you to all of our incredible guest speakers and presenters over the past two days here at the REPs National Convention, which was hosted by LIW, and an even bigger thank you to all of our members who made the trip up to Birmingham.

In case you were unable to attend not to worry we thought we’d give you a bit of an update of what happened.

Day one of the REPs National Convention was kick started with our very own Head of Membership Greg Small, who gave our introductory speech on both mornings, discussing all things REPs with our members.

Speaking to us Greg said:

“It’s always great to be able to come to the REPs Convention as it means we are able to interact with our members face-to-face and to gain vital feedback in order to understand the wants and needs of our members.”

He continued to say:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself here at the REPS Convention, and felt that this year we had an even better line up than before with some fantastic speakers such as Louise Hazel and Anna Turner who were able to inspire our members and give them new ideas to take into the workplace, which is what it’s all about.”

Highlights over the two day event included our keynote speech on day one from REPs ambassador Louise Hazel, who gave our members a bit of an insight as to what we can learn from the training regime of athletes and making sure as exercise professionals we plan properly to get the best out of our clients. 

We also had a fantastic range of workshops including a great session from Sam Dovey at KBTEducation, who brought Olympic and Commonwealth Weightlifter Zoe Smith along with him for a great session over in the CPD masterclass arena, teaching our members some advance weightlifting techniques and skills.

Day two’s highlights included an inspiring talk from Paralympic Skier Anna Turney, who got our members thinking more about inclusive fitness and what we can do as exercise professionals to help individuals with access requirements and to inspire training and setting goals for our clients.  Anna also got our members thinking about the personal barriers they may face as personal trainers, and how to engage and communicate clearly with individuals with access requirements.

Speaking to REPs after her Keynote speech Anna said:

“The REPs Convention was really interesting for me. Meeting trainers to understand their challenges on working with disability and how they can improve their performance was really enjoyable. I hope I’ve helped them realise new ways to engage with and inspire people to commit to health and fitness.”

But it wasn’t all just going on at the REPs Convention, we also had some fantastic activity happening over on the REPs stand including our competition with Louise Hazel who was challenging attendees to

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The REPs National Convention blog series continue. Following on from the announcement of Paralympian Anna Turney delivering the keynote on day two and the contribution of Belrobics, we now are treated to Paul Russell from THE FIT BOX, who shares his thoughts with REPs.

So anyway, it turns out that the fitness industry is a round hole. And it’s a really exiting round hole, made up of really cool things, and full of really fun people, wearing really tight shorts.

The good thing about it being a round hole, is that those of us that choose to work in the fitness industry, just so happen to be round pegs. This is ace, because essentially it means we are the perfect fit.

Round hole, round peg. Boom.

But maybe the thing about it being a round hole that isn’t quite as good, is that pretty much all of the people who haven’t chosen to work in it, but wish to benefit from those of us who have chosen to work in it, are not round pegs.

They are square pegs.

This means getting them in is harder.

But we, the round pegs, are not the type to give up easily.

So we grab hold of these square pegs and with all our energy and might we push, and we pump, and we jiggle and we wiggle and cajole and coax, wheedle, jostle, flatter, tickle, thrust & shove, and if you think we’re getting tired you’re not even close, because then (next Tuesday at 18:00) we’ll start the whole process again.

And that’s cool, because we are highly motivated and conditioned individuals. We can repeat this process time and time again and still have enough in the tank to break out a PB in the weights room at lunch.

But also this might not be cool, because actually the square pegs may not enjoy this process as much as we do. I know, right?

Maybe when someone is yet to experience the joy of having the right peg for the right hole, the motivation to keep trying after what seems like endless failure, is pretty tough to find.

So what if we stopped pushing, and instead used our skills, strength & energy to help the square pegs cultivate and establish a new shape. In fact, what with them being entirely different pegs to us all together, what if we tried to find them their own different holes too, rather than the ones that so perfectly fit us so well.

Maybe that would work.

**A thesaurus may have been used in the development of one of these paragraphs.

THE FIT BOX will be presenting at the REPs Convention this October at Leisure Industry Week. Get your tickets here.

Paul is a highly motivated & experienced Industry Tutor, Personal Trainer and Small Group Training Specialist.

In 2009 Paul conceived the idea of a Small Group & Personal Training Club, so as to serve more people, while increasing time efficiency, training accessibility &

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Power Plate® vibration training has long been recognised as a highly effective element to gym-based training.  Now it’s time for personal trainers to take Power Plate to the next level and literally shake up their clients’ workouts by combining whole body vibration training with resistance training using functional equipment. 

The science behind this integrated fitness concept is undeniable but in order for it to catch on, people need to be know where to get started…. and that’s where you come in.

Performance Health Systems – makers of Power Plate – is challenging REPs members to devise a Power Plate Power 5 integrated fitness workout that combines functional moves with vibration training.

The ‘Power Plate Power 5’ workout should comprise either five minutes’ integrated exercise or five consecutive integrated moves.  It should include upper and lower body moves and use at least two additional training modalities such as ViPR, kettlebells, resitance bands, dumbbells and medicine balls. 

The Power Plate Power 5 workout must be filmed in high res – iphone or tablet quality is the lowest resolution accepted – and show clearly how to perform each exercise.  Imagine someone has downloaded this to their phone to follow in the gym.  The moves must be clear and easy to follow so avoid stylised angles and close-ups.  You can include an explanatory voice-over or let the moves speak for themselves.

“This is a great chance for personal trainers to use their initiative and skills to develop a short, effective workout on Power Plate,” says Rob Wilkie, Head of Compliance and Standards at REPs. 

“Power Plate is very well established but here is an opportunity to use it in a whole new way by integrating functional kit and moves with the challenge of the vibrating platform.  We are looking forward to seeing how the best trainers in the business can bring this concept to life.”

Top tip: Power Plate will be at LIW from September 30-October 2 and will welcome any entrants to come to Stand H610 to show or discuss their ideas.  The Integrated Fitness concept will be set up on the stand making this the ideal chance to try out your workout and expert trainers will be on hand to offer advice and answer questions.

What you can win

The winner will receive a year’s REPs membership and EXOS training from Power Plate worth £1,000.  EXOS is the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes.  The winner’s club will also benefit by being given an integrated fitness package which includes a functional mat, banner with links to exercises that can be downloaded and an onsite integrated fitness workshop with a Power Plate Master Trainer.   From this, trainers can create a bespoke zone for integrated fitness training which is bound to attract attention and business in the gym.

For details of how to enter download the entry form here

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NFD logo

As exercise professionals it our role to inspire others to get active but to also enjoy it, which is why we are fully supportive of National Fitness Day and highly encourage our members to get involved in the free taster sessions which will be happening right across the country on Friday 26th September. National Fitness Day is the largest celebration of physical activity in the UK, the nation will become a hive of activity as thousands of people don their exercise gear and flock to gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and parks around the country to take part in free ‘Power Half Hour’ exercise events.

Run by not-for-profit health body ukactive, National Fitness Day sees the health and active lifestyle community unite to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and make it easy and fun for members of the public to try something new with free taster sessions.

Better Gyms, British Military Fitness, Club Company, Energie, Everyone Active, Fitness First, Lifestyle Fitness, Gym Group, Places for People, Pure Gym and Spirit Health Clubs are just some of the major fitness providers inviting the public to try a variety of free sessions at more than 1000 sites - from indoor cycling, exercise to music classes and swimming to yoga, boot camp and pilates. More venues are joining daily and are searchable through the digital activity finder at

As well as major gyms being involved, National Fitness Day will also play host to a series of mass participation and showcase exercise events engaging hundreds of people in London (Covent Garden), Birmingham (Victoria Square) and Bristol (Centre Promenade), on Friday 26th September - ‘National Fitness Day LIVE in association with Les Mills’

‘National Fitness Day LIVE’ events will comprise Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™ and SH'BAM™ sessions led by A-list instructors from the global group fitness brand. Taking the cities by storm, the events will celebrate the fun that physical activity delivers and will look to inspire onlookers into an active lifestyle. National Fitness Day LIVE is supported by Sanofi and their Sanofi Challenge programme which encourages everyone to get out of their comfort zone and take on a physical challenge to improve their health and the lives of others.

Greg Small, Head of Membership for REPs said:

“It’s fantastic to see so many of our employer partners involved and opening their doors to those who are perhaps unfamiliar or scared of the gym environment by hosting National Fitness Day sessions. By going to one of partners members of the public can assured that they are in the safe hands of qualified, registered exercise professionals when taking part in physical activity.”

He continued to say:

“Collectively as exercise professionals we a duty to improve and ensure the British public have access to quality instruction and with this in mind we should aim to inspire a new generation of physical literacy.”

National Fitness Day was founded by the Energie Group in 2010. Individual clubs will be running fundraising drives in aid

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We are very pleased to announce that we have selected Timely as the recommended business software supplier for our members. This software provides fitness businesses with a range of features that will directly improve the way you operate.

Timely is appointment scheduling software that launched to a global audience in 2012, and has since developed a strong customer base within the fitness industry.

Being cloud-based, Timely is affordable for the sole business owner and offers a range of features. With an initial 30 day free trial available, it is possible to try before you buy and have a good look around the system to make sure it suits you and your business. Plans start at only £15 a month for an individual and an additional £5 for every extra employee (or you may wish to consider the £60 offer that covers an unlimited number of staff). If you are currently using pen and paper, you will make that money back in one day in saved admin time

As a REPs member, we are able to offer you 20% off for the first 12 months, as well as 200 SMS credits to help you get started. Coupled with unlimited support and the 30 day free trial, this software will prove a valuable addition to your business. This offer can be accessed from the REPs Members Area.

How many hours a week do you spend ringing up or texting clients to arrange session times? The features available in Timely mean that you won’t need to do this anymore, saving you time, allowing you to spend more time running classes or sessions, growing your business and doing what you love.

If you’re more interested in the specific features, here is a breakdown:

Beautiful design and very easy to use

While not necessarily a feature, we had to mention this one. Timely is just really nice to look at and intuitive, which means that it is very easy to use. Jacob Moller-Anderson of MaX-Fit in County Durham looked at a range of appointment scheduling options, but couldn’t go past Timely because it was so easy to use.

Wherever you go, Timely can go too

The real beauty of Timely for personal trainers is that it can work anywhere. If you use an iPad with your clients, you can also use it to book them in for their next session. You can use it on your smartphone or on your desktop at home.

Another bonus of this cloud software is that if you lose or break one of your devices, all you need to do is log on with another device, and all of your information is there waiting for you.


SMS and email reminders

Get rid of no-shows from your personal training business! Timely offers the ability to send SMS reminders out to your clients, at a given time frame before their session that you can select. The SMS credits are additional but you get 200 free SMS to get you started if

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Jenny Muhlwa Belrobics

With the REPs National Convention drawing ever closer, Belrobics’ very own Jenny Muhlwa guest blogs for REPs ahead of her group fitness workshop on Thursday 2nd October at 15:00

As Leisure Industry Week approaches, it can be a time to reflect on how fit we are as a nation.

According to the Department of Health 2011 Start Active, Stay Active report, only 28% of women in England are reaching the recommended levels of physical activity. But why? Why, when fitness has become so accessible are there still such low levels of activity in this group?

This is a question Belrobics wanted to tackle. We wanted to help women to start being active, stay healthy and enjoy it!

We found that one of the biggest barriers was that women feel they don't have enough time to exercise. Many see it as another chore and with so many other chores in life, why add to the list? What we did find, however, is women will make time to socialise, connect with friends and do things that help them feel good about themselves. So, we designed a programme which is inspired by an ancient dance that has been helping women for centuries to do just this.

Belrobics is a belly dance inspired programme, it is low impact meaning that women who are 16 can enjoy the same class as those who are 60, doing the same routines, laughing and connecting with one another. The moves used work in tune with the female form to help boost self-confidence for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The programme isn't about numbers on a scale or quick fix, slim down, it focuses rather on sustainable healthy living. This is reflected in the number of years members have now been attending classes, healthier body image, healthy life style choices and mind body shift.

I'm very excited to be presenting this programme at LIW with a Belrobics session on Thursday 2nd October at 15:00 at the REPs Convention. Participants will get the opportunity to partake in a class where they will shimmy, have fun and leave full of energy and ideas to help attract more and girls into fitness.

Not only this, we will be giving away a FREE instructor training place to one lucky winner on Thursday between 10am - 12pm on stand W200.

I look forward to shimmying with you there!

Want to take part in the Belrobics group fitness workshop at the REPs Convention?


Follow this link to secure your place at LIW


Find out more about REPs Convention here

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On 18th September 2014, REPs will be moving offices to our new home in Vauxhall, South London at the below address:

1st Floor
6 Graphite Square
Vauxhall Walk,
London, UK
SE11 5EE

Our telephone number will change and as of the 22nd September. You will be able to reach us on: 0207 840 1919

With the move taking place Thursday the 18th and Friday 19th September, we aim to be fully up and running from Monday 22nd September with a new phone number and services fully functioning. So please note during this time our telephone lines and offices will be closed as of the 18th September until the 22nd September.

If you have any questions regarding the move and how it might affect your membership, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0207 632 2022.

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Anna T

We are delighted to announce that the second Keynote speaker at our National Convention, taking place on the 2nd October, will be double Winter Paralympic Skier Anna Turney.

With a successful career so far competing at both the Vancouver and Sochi Winter Games, Anna will be speaking about her journey to the Paralympics and her gruelling training. As a world class athlete Anna will also discuss with REPs members how they can they develop their business, training and knowledge by adapting to access and inclusivity issues.

Speaking to REPs here's what Anna had to say:

"Speaking at the REPs National Convention is fantastic opportunity for me to engage with qualified Personal Trainers that meet National Occupational Standards."

She continued to say:

"I am excited to be sharing my story as a Paralympian, considerations for training those with access requirements and the benefits to Personal Trainer's business when thinking of disability. I am really looking forward to what will be an exciting day."

There will be time at the end of the session to ask Anna your questions, so get your thinking caps on and we shall see you at this unmissable session.

To see the full lineup and to buy tickets please click here.

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It’s that time of year when many people are receiving their exam results and perhaps wondering what career is right for them. So in order to give a little insight in to the life of an exercise professional we thought we’d ask our members and our Head of Compliance and Standards Rob Wilkie to finish this statement “You know you’re an exercise professional when...”.

We received over 30 comments when we asked the question on our Facebook page, here are just a few of our favourite answers from our members:

  1. “…when you don’t think twice about getting up at 5am five mornings a week to start training keen and enthusiastic clients at 6am” Terri Donoghue
  2. “…when you have enough integrity to recognise you are not qualified to work with a clients and refer them to the right person. Don’t mess around with people’s health.” Julian Charria
  3. “…when the most common question you get asked at dinner parties is “how can I get rid of my belly fat?”” Irm Saleem
  4. “…when you go to your wardrobe to get all dressed up… and you realise it’s 99.9% gym stuff.” Charlotte Blake
  5. “…when your client’s achievements are a greater source of pride than your own achievements.” Glen Williams
  6. “…when you listen to someone and go out of your way to be there 100% to support them. “ Charlotte Hayers

Here are Rob’s top answers:

  1. “…when you stop jumping from one fad to another, and stick with the evidence based methods.”
  2. “…when you don’t judge a colleague by what they look like; you judge them by how well they treat their clients.”
  3. “…when you run your affairs in a business-like manner by keeping accounts and paying your taxes.”
  4. “…when you don’t stand there and count reps.  If it was that easy, my four year old nephew would be the world’s best PT.  Instead we give positive and constructive feedback.”

To see the full conversation why not check it out over on our Facebook page

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Last month you may remember we posted on our blog some new research on why consumers are ditching the fitness tracker. However, like any product when used properly it can have a real impact!



REPs member Sara Taylor recently posted an article on her blog about how using a fitness tracker can really make a difference.


The accessibility of modern apps and gadgets has evolved considerably since phones became smart and computers became hand-held. Their role in all areas of our lives is now without question, but one of the areas of biggest impact seems to be with our health.


Seriously, technological development has gone hand-in-hospital-glove with the medical revolution which sees more individuals taking responsibility for their own health and fitness, as means of illness prevention and fitness improvement. As the BBC’s Monitor Me programme demonstrated last year, some GPs are now just as likely to prescribe an app or online programme such as the Couch to 5K podcasts (see the NHS website for more details… yes, really) instead of a pill for more fitness-related health issues! With many gyms now also offering a wide range of exercise videos to help you get started from the comfort of your own home. But why and how can tracking your fitness actually improve fitness levels?


Accountable me…

One reason why tracking is successful is that it motivates individuals to be accountable: hence why those on food or fiscal diets are similarly encouraged to keep intake and spending diaries. With fitness too, logging your daily activity is an act of accountability:

  • Initially in providing a base-line of “usual” activity.
  • Then to act as a record of all actions towards a final goal – that push for progress.

The thing is, by simply tracking what you do (or don’t do) to begin with, you begin to become an active participant in your own health, reducing levels of passive behaviour and starting to sow that seed of activity and motivation.


All of which starts to build up self-awareness, that point where mind and body jog along together nicely. Just as that couch potato mentality fuels passivity (and vice versa) so self-awareness fuels activity and motivation – a stimulus in itself to improved mental health which can kick in even at the monitoring and information-gathering stage of the tracking. Once you’ve started monitoring your physical activities to improve fitness and health, you’ll receive the benefits of improved mental health, including stress reduction, the release of happy endorphins as well as boosting self-confidence and esteem, which in turn boost motivation to keep on going.


Keep on tracking…

So how to track effectively? Technology means there are now lots of devices available, for example FitBit Flex and Jawbone Up fitness trackers, which are worn on the wrist. These are a step on from the casual pedometer, providing instead information on 3 dimensions of activity and allowing users to choose their own data comparison point from which to measure

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When working a busy schedule, juggling commitments and giving your all to each client, it is all too easy to push thoughts of your own professional development to one side. However, it is worth thinking about yourself and your development as a practitioner and an individual. This is where CPD training can help by letting you pursue the areas that interest you in more depth, developing your career in the direction you want it to go.

To enhance the integrity of REPs as the touchstone for professionalism within our industry, a CPD audit will be conducted on 31st October 2014, to ascertain the compliance of REPs members with their CPD requirements.

The process for this audit will be as follows:

  • A proportion of members with over two years’ continuous membership will be randomly selected.
  • These members will have their current CPD compliance checked against the agreed criteria.
  • If the member is lacking in CPD points, they will be given six months to make up the missing points.
  • If the member still has not completed their CPD requirement by the end of this six month period, then they will be considered to be in breach of their membership requirements and suspended from the Register.

Through this auditing process, we are keen to enhance and reinforce the integrity and trust that being a member of REPs entails.

We are aware that many of you will have completed CPD already but may not have logged it onto our system. We advise that you complete this activity before the audit period.

Those selected for audit will be contacted in November.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact REPs Compliance and Standards Manager Rob Wilkie directly using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Please note that members associated with the following organisations are exempt from the audit as their CPD is managed independently.

British Wheel of Yoga
Body Control Pilates

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We are delighted to announce that this year at our National Convention which will be hosted at Leisure Industry Week (LIW), the Keynote speech will be delivered by our ambassador, Olympian and 2010 Commonwealth champion Louise Hazel.

In her keynote Louise Hazel will be discussing the importance preparing for peak performance and how everyday people and personal trainers can learn from elite athletes and how she used this as inspiration for her new training plan.

Speaking to REPs Louise Hazel said:

“I’m really looking forward to delivering the Keynote speech at this year’s convention.”

She continued to say:

“As a REPs member myself I’m also looking forward to be able to meet and network with fellow fitness professionals, whilst gaining some new skills along the way.”

This year’s programme is bigger than ever and includes a range of workshops with leading Training Providers such as Belrobics Limited, Fitness Anywhere UK (TRX Training) and British Military Fitness. So be sure to bring a positive attitude and take part in these immersive and highly energetic activities.

One session which is certainly to be a highlight is KBT Education’s Weightlifting workshop, fresh from winning Commonwealth gold, England and Team GB weightlifter Zoe Smith will be assisting the session alongside her coach Sam Dovey. The workshop will include demonstrations and instruction of the best weightlifting variants that are applicable for sports performance, based on the needs analysis of the athlete’s anthropometrics and levels of mobility.

We also have a wide range of new theoretical based content to stimulate and develop understanding, including sessions on nutrition, running physiology and business development.

Tickets will cost £45 for members, £65 for non-members and are available to buy here

Download the REPs Convention programme

To join in on the action why not share your thoughts on this year’s convention with us via our Facebook and Twitter pages #LIW2014.

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event brite

Ever wondered how to attract more customers to your business? What the growing trends are in the fitness industry? Or do you want tools to help you market your work more effectively?

REPs are delighted to announce that we have worked in partnership with eventbrite to answer all of these questions and to investigate how this free service can help you improve your business.

So whether you train 1-2-1 or, have group classes, we hope that you will find this britepaper resource of use.

Download the britepaper here.

If you would like to share your thoughts why not let us know via our Facebook page or simply tweet us including @REPsUK

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fitness tracker

New research has recently come out examining as to why nearly one in three people ditch fitness trackers shortly after buying them. Researchers from IDC Health Insights found that better education of the benefits is key to ensuring more outcomes and usage between consumers and their wearables.

The report, Perspective: The Consumer Experience — Why Consumers Stop Using Fitness Trackers, examined products from a range of companies, including Gruve Technologies, Fitbit, FitLinxx and BodyMedia. 

The author found fitness trackers can play a key role in health and wellness programmes, but are only effective if the user is fully aware of what data the tracker will provide and how this can be used to change behaviour and achieve health goals. 

In many cases, after an initial bout of excitement, consumers lose interest in the various functions of their tracker and stop using it. A number of factors contribute to why consumers lose interest, according to the report, including wearability, mobile application challenges, device look and feel, informational challenges, and other motivational challenges. 

Speaking to Sports Management Lynne Dunbrack, research vice president at IDC Health Insights said:

"If health and wellness programmes that use fitness and activity trackers are to be successful, they must create sustained interest among consumers to continue using these devices and their accompanying health applications."

We’d love to know your thoughts about fitness trackers, do you personally use them or perhaps your clients do? How have clients found them, effective or just the latest fad? Let us know either via our Facebook page or on twitter. 

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fitness tracker

New research has recently come out examining as to why nearly one in three people ditch fitness trackers shortly after buying them. Researchers from IDC Health Insights found that better education of the benefits is key to ensuring more outcomes and usage between consumers and their wearables.

The report, Perspective: The Consumer Experience — Why Consumers Stop Using Fitness Trackers, examined products from a range of companies, including Gruve Technologies, Fitbit, FitLinxx and BodyMedia. 

The author found fitness trackers can play a key role in health and wellness programmes, but are only effective if the user is fully aware of what data the tracker will provide and how this can be used to change behaviour and achieve health goals. 

In many cases, after an initial bout of excitement, consumers lose interest in the various functions of their tracker and stop using it. A number of factors contribute to why consumers lose interest, according to the report, including wearability, mobile application challenges, device look and feel, informational challenges, and other motivational challenges. 

Speaking to Sports Management Lynne Dunbrack, research vice president at IDC Health Insights said:

"If health and wellness programmes that use fitness and activity trackers are to be successful, they must create sustained interest among consumers to continue using these devices and their accompanying health applications."

We’d love to know your thoughts about fitness trackers, do you personally use them or perhaps your clients do? How have clients found them, effective or just the latest fad? Let us know either via our Facebook page or on twitter. 

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REPs convention

Taking place at London’s Excel Centre (18th & 19th July), yesterday was the first day of our South East Convention and certainly kicked off with a bang!

Firstly we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has attended today, we really hope you enjoyed your day and look forward to hearing your feedback in the coming weeks.

The day started with a welcoming introduction from our Compliance and Standards Manager Robert Wilkie who updated with members with the latest new from REPs.

REPs members then had a choice of 10 fantastic lectures and workshops to attend throughout the day including our Key note speech, this year we teamed up with Nutracheck’s nutrition experts, Dr Ian Campbell and Dr Janet Aylott, who delivered today’s keynote address.

The session sparked great debate as our experts debunked six of the most commonly-held nutrition misbeliefs that have gained traction in recent years. They explained the science behind weight and obesity in relation to:  fat, sugar, calories, carbohydrates, snacking, the 6pm food curfew and the concept of a ‘diet’.

The keynote address evaluated the claims and the scientific evidence behind these statements and highlighted which aspects have been sensationalised yet given credence by the media and other professionals within the health and fitness industry.

The interactive session addressed topics such as:

•             Do carbs contribute to weight gain?
•             Does too much sugar in your diet give you diabetes?
•             Is a calorie just a calorie, regardless of what you eat?
•             Should you stop eating at 6pm to prevent weight gain?
•             Does snacking make you fat?

Greg Small, Head of Membership for the Register of Exercise Professionals said: “We are thrilled to have teamed up with Nutracheck this year and been able to provide our members with additional nutritional knowledge. Increasingly clients expect that their trainers have a high level of nutritional understanding; a healthy lifestyle should be viewed from a holistic perspective whereby nutrition and exercise are intrinsically linked. We hope that the session has empowered our members to challenge their clients’ misconceptions about nutrition.”

Other sessions that ran throughout the day included our Business Clinic, which  saw a host of experts from chartered accountancy firm Barnes & Co, event specialists Eventbite, our insurance providers Perkins Slade and Timely, give out their business advice. This was the perfect opportunity for our members to discover how to make the most out of their business and certainly enjoyed by all who attended. Topics included ‘How to attract more clients using social media’, ‘How to organise your business diary to drive profits’ and ‘How to run a successful fitness event’. The floor was then opened up to members, who were then able to ask our panellists their expert advice. The day was then rounded off with a highly active session from Fatburn Exteme, a new concept in instructor led fitness training and fat lossexercising. The first of its kind, it is a fixed, 20 minute, maximal intensity, rest basedworkout. Using only body weight for

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With just one week to go until this year’s South East Convention (18th and 19th July), which will be taking place in association with FitPro at London’s Excel Centre, we thought we’d let you know about the great opportunities a REPs convention can offer! 



CPD Points

Gain three Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for attending the Conference.

CPD is recognised by professional bodies, clients and employers. Gaining CPD certification indicates that you are maintaining, improving and broadening your knowledge and developing the professional qualities necessary for your business or employer and your fitness clients.

CPD certification allows employers and clients to have confidence in the high standards of your performance; it is a quantifiable demonstration of capability and demonstrates your commitment to upholding world class standards within the fitness industry.


What would a REPs event be without the networking opportunities? Share your learning with the #AskREPs and #SEconvention hashtags.

To ask questions to the Nutracheck sponsored Q+A, please send your nutrition questions to: #AskREPs and we will put your questions to the panel!


To be at the REPs South East Convention is to learn from the fitness industry’s elite. All training providers meet rigorous standards to that uphold the quality of education, the value of the sessions and above all fitness safety.

Learning from presenters who take to the stage and give it their all is priceless. They share their passions and their knowledge, and simply shine on stage. They give you, the fitness experts the motivation to continue doing what you  do with passion, commitment and dedication!

Business Classes

Take your ideas home and ensure that your business is in the best shape it can be, by meeting the REPs business experts. Delivered by experts in their field: Eventbrite, Barnes & Co, Perkins Slade and Timely, covering : 

- How to attract more customers using social media
- How the REPs insurance benefits you
- How to organise your business diary to drive profits
-  Q&A with the panel 
- Tweet us your questions including #AskREPs


We are proud to be delivering our REPs convention is association with FitPro. This means that you have the added benefit of exploring the FitPro exhibition. Take a walk through the hall and discover the latest training providers and technologies, this is the perfect complement to your academic REPs learning content.

It’s certainly one event you won’t want to miss out on! To see our full line up and book your place to this year’s South East Convention click here.

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