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'Be Inclusive & Active', our online disability equality training course 'turning aspiration into action'


As REPs fitness professionals, it is essential to ensure that you have the latest skills and training to work with disabled people. Through our partnership with Interactive, a charity committed to creating disability equality in sport, we have been able to secure a CPD opportunity for you to ensure that your skills remain relevant, and can service demand.

This online course, which aims to ‘turn aspiration into action’, has been set up to help develop and enhance fitness professionals’ skills and knowledge in this area.

About the course:

  • Explore barriers that disabled people face every day and effectively remove them in order to make services more inclusive
  • Explore the importance of effective and positive communication techniques with disabled people
  • Explore concepts of the Equality Act 2010 and understand what ‘reasonable adjustment’ means
  • Explore the differences between the social and medical models of disability


  • The course is accessed completely online, so participants can undertake it whenever and wherever they choose
  • ‘Be Inclusive and Active’ is accredited and endorsed by SkillsActive and is mapped to National Occupational Standards
  • The course has been developed using expert knowledge from Interactive and other key agencies such as Disability Rights UK , Leonard Cheshire Disability and the English Federation of Disability Sport

Qualification gained

The course is  endorsed by SkillsActive an learners who complete the course receive 2 CPD points for REPs membership. The course is also mapped to the following National Occupational Standards:

  • D468, K2
  •  D24.3, K20
  •  D24.1, K1                                                                                          cpd
  • D24.1, K3
  •  D24.3, K19

£21.00 (per user)

To find out more and to buy, please contact Joanna Kirk on 020 7717 1699 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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